The Kilt, Scotland's national dress is recognized around the world.

Do you have an interest in wearing the Kilt, or would you like to know and learn more about its history?

This web-site is dedicated to my country's best loved symbol. Namely Scottish Highland Dress (yes I am a Highlander) but no, not the one in the film.

  • Does your family name have its roots in Scotland?

  • Does your family name have its roots in Ireland?

  • Every Clan or Sept has its own unique tartan.

  • Would you like to know if your family name has one?

  • Do you or someone you love, like to stand out from the crowd?

    If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then please continue to read this site, and discover whether you or a loved one have Celtic ancestry.

    There is no doubt that the kilt, both the Scottish and Irish versions are seen more and more often in many different parts of the world.

    America for example has many thousands of citizens who have either Scottish or Irish ancestors, with the number of Scottish and Irish societies growing year on year.

    Canada also has huge numbers of residents with Celtic heritage, as does Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, to name but a few.

    In fact it is also worn across all parts of the British Isles, not only in Scotland. Did you know for example that it is worn in Wales, and even different parts of England?

    The Isle of Man also have their own kilts, and they are becoming very popular on the Island.

    It is not surprising that the garment has become so popular, when you consider that it is so versatile, comfortable, elegant, and it is the only item of clothing I know that never goes out of fashion, and will last a lifetime and beyond.

    The fundamental aim of this website is to keep you fully informed and up to date on all aspects of the garment, and its many accessories.

    It is updated regularly and I trust you will find it a comprehensive guide, to help you decide if wearing Highland Dress is right for you, or indeed the man in your life.

    Also if there is anything in particular that you would like to know more about, and you don't find it covered in the pages of this website, then please let me know by dropping me a line using the"Contact Us" page, which you will find on the navigation bar, and I will do my best to include it for you.

    I want you not only to read and enjoy the information on my site, but also if you wish to contribute your own experience to other visitors, you can do that by using the simple form on the "Your Kilt Story" page.

    I hope you enjoy your visit to my site, and that you will bookmark it and come back often, by doing so you will keep abreast of all the new content which I will be adding in the months and years to come.


    Kilt Blog
    The Kilt Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web Site. Subscribe here.
    Kilts, one of the best known Scottish symbols, and the countries National Dress.
    There are many different kilts worn throughout the world, and this page looks at them all from the traditional Scottish to the contemporary, and everything in between.
    Kilt Accessories
    What kilt accessories do you need to complete your outfit? on this page you will find everything you need to go with your kilt, so that you end up with a stunning Highland Dress outfit.
    What is worn under kilts?
    What do Scotsmen wear under kilts? this seems to be the most frequently asked question of all, and this page gives the definitive answer to that question.
    Men in Kilts, with pictures of men in kilts
    What is it about men in kilts that women find so attractive, and other men admire? For many women the sight of a man in a kilt increases their pulse rate slightly, and the question of what's underneat
    Buy Kilts
    People who are looking to buy kilts often have a problem sifting through all the misinformation that is to be found on the internet, and other places.
    Scottish Kilts
    Scottish kilts are worn and recognized around the world, to find out why they are so popular take a look at this page.
    The Clans of Scotland
    The clans of Scotland, what role do they play in today's society, how they evolved and how they survived the English attempt to drstroy them.
    Scottish Clans
    Scottish clans boast membership from all corners of the world, would you like to know if you can claim membership?
    Tartan, The World's Most Famous Cloth
    Tartan is arguably the most famous material to be found anywhere in the world, find out why it became so famous.
    Irish Kilts
    The Irish kilts are not as old as their Scottish counterparts, never the less they do have a valid history.
    Irish Clans
    Irish clans play a big part in the lives of many Irish-Americans, as well as Irish descendants living in other countries across the world. Find out if you are eligible to join one.
    Irish Tartans
    The variety of Irish tartans available is nowhere near that of Scotland, however they are proving to be very popular especially in North America, where the Irish-American connection is very strong.
    Celtic Weddings
    Celtic weddings are becoming very popular around the world, as more couples choose to celebrate their Celtic heritage.
    Scottish Wedding
    Many couples choose a Scottish wedding theme because they are looking for a romantic and enchanting setting, witch also allows them to celebrate their Celtic heritage if they have one.
    Irish Wedding
    An Irish wedding is steeped in traditions, going back hundreds of years, find out if this is the right theme for your wedding.
    Scottish Highland Dancing
    Highland Dancing is one of the major attractions at Highland Games around the world, and with the level of competition always so high, its a real crowd pleaser.
    The Great Highland Bagpipes
    The Great Highland Bagpipes are played by pipe bands all over the world, they are without doubt the most famous of all the different varieties.
    Bagpipe Music
    Bagpipe music is heard around the world, and this page looks at how the military are continuing to keep the standards as high as possible.
    Highland Games
    Highland Games are a huge turist attraction In Scotland, but they can also be seen in many other countries around the world. So what can you expect to see at these events?
    The Edinburgh Military Tattoo
    The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is one of Scotland's most spectacular tourist attractions, featuring participants from all over the world, it has been thrilling spectators for sixty years.
    Kilt Questionnaire
    The kilt questionnaire when returned will allow me to improve the visitor's experience to my web site, and give them the information they are looking for, so do give me your feedback.
    Share your kilt story
    Your kilt story, would you like to share it with the world?
    Your kilt Photos
    This page features your kilt photos, that is, photos that have been sent to me by you the visitors to this website, so if you have photos related to kilts please do send them in.
    How I built my web-site
    How I came to build Your-Kilt .com
    Privacy Policy
    privacy policy for your-kilt,com
    Contact Us
    This page allows you to contact us, ask questions or simply leave a comment about the website.
    Kilt Occasions
    Kilt occasions are simply any time you choose to wear your kilt, weddings,Highland Games, formal Dinners, in fact any time you want to make a good impression.
    Scottish Kilt
    The Scottish kilt is a unique garment, which is worn and loved accross the world
    How To Make A Kilt
    How to make a kilt is a question many of you ask, so this page looks at the answer to that question and shows you how.
    Buying A Kilt
    When buying a kilt you need to know that you are dealing with a quality kilt maker, to ensure that your kilt will last a lifetime and beyond.
    Scottish tartan
    Scottish tartan is seen and recognized around the world, find out how it developed and how it became so famous.
    Scottish Irish Clans
    The Scottish Irish clans are experiencing big surges in their numbers, as more people are delving into their Celtic heritage.
    Wear Two Tartans
    Many people ask if they are allowed to wear two tartans, the simple answer is yes you may wear any tartan you wish.
    Kilts and Scotland
    Kilts and Scotland are a perfect fit, find out how Scots took their kilts to all corners of the world.
    Irish Kilt
    How the Irish kilt was adapted from the Scottish version, to underpin Ireland's long standing Celtic heritage.
    The Black Watch
    The Black Watch are the most famous of all the Scottish Regiments, and the most highly decorated Regiment in the whole of the British armed forces.
    Kilt Outfits
    The kilt is an extreamly versatile garment, and this page takes a look at the various kilt outfits you can wear.
    Sir Sean Connery
    Sean Connery dressed in his kilt, is he the most famous Scotsman alive?
    Traditional American Kilts
    Are American kilts being made using traditional kilt making skills, as good as those made in Scotland?
    Tartan Day
    Tartan Day celebrations are held every year in America and Canada, to honour the strong links between these countries and Scotland, and for them to remember their Celtic heritage.
    Used kilts
    Many people are interested in used kilts, so here are a few recomendations to make sure you buy a quality kilt and not a poor imitation of the real thing.
    Full Highland Dress
    With full Highland Dress you will be welcome at any formal occasion, whether it's a wedding, gala dinner, Burns night or a company function, Highland Dress will ensure you stand out from the crowd.
    Scottish Dress
    How Scottish Dress evolved from being Highland Dress to being accepted and worn all over Scotland.
    Scotland Kilts
    When you visit Scotland kilts are one of the first things you expect to see, and you won't be dissapointed they are not hard to find.
    The Glengarry
    The Glengarry is the most famous cap to be worn with your kilt, it has become a part of many people's Highland Dress and is the ideal place to wear your clan badge.
    Black Kilts
    Black kilts are not new, they have been around for at least two hundred years
    Scottish Piper
    How the Scottish Piper has brought his music to all corners of the world
    Kilts on Motorcycles
    Have you ever seen people wearing kilts on motorcycles? well here is a look at one man who does just that.
    Jacobite Shirt
    The Jacobite shirt is often chosen as a casual accessory for the kilt
    Kilt Makers
    Highly skilled kilt makers are the people to talk to, when you are considering buying a kilt
    Chieftain Waistcoat
    A chieftain waistcoat is a casual yet stylish accessory to your kilt, and many people choose to wear one when attending less formal occasions.
    Scotland a land of romantic history and outstanding beauty
    Scotland is a land of outstanding beauty and breathtaking scenery, discover why it has become such a magnet to visitors from around the world, because they haven't all come looking for Nessie.
    Kilts in South Africa
    Kilts in South Africa are a more common sight than you may think.
    Kilt Jacket
    Your kilt jacket is a very important part of your Highland Dress, so it is important that you make the right decision, when choosing which one to go with your kilt.
    Argyle Jacket
    The Argyle jacket is arguably the most versitile of all the kilt jackets., so much so that it may be the only kilt jacket that you need.
    Kilt Belt
    The kilt belt is a decorative accessory to your kilt, and by buying different buckles you can make it very versatile.
    Kilt Carrier
    A good quality kilt carrier will not only transport your kilt, but will store it safely too.
    Clan Kilt
    A clan kilt is not exclusive to a clan member, in fact it can be worn by anybody.
    Wedding Pipers
    Why wedding pipers are becoming a must have feature for so many couples.
    The beautiful island of Ireland has it's history steeped in Celtic origins, and its people are amongst the friendliest in the world
    Casual Kilts
    Casual kilts are a viable alternative to full eight yard kilts, especially if you are looking for a less expensive alternative.
    Baby Kilts
    Baby kilts are now widely available, and are becoming a must have item in many baby's wardrobes.
    Kilt Belt Buckle
    Your kilt belt buckle is not just a decorative accessory to your kilt, it can say a lot about you and where your loyalties lie.
    Modern Kilts
    What exactly are modern kilts? this page looks at the history of the kilt, and dispels some of the myths surrounding it.
    Clan Tartan
    Every clan can be identified by its clan tartan, in fact most clans will have more than one, find out how they origanated.
    Clan Badge
    The clan badge is usually worn on bonnets as part of the Highland Dress, but it can also be used on other kilt accessories.
    Celtic Wedding
    A Celtic wedding theme is becoming very popular in many countries, as more and more couples look for something to add that touch of magic to their big day.
    Cornish Kilts
    The kilt is worn in many parts of the British Isles not just Scotland, and Cornish kilts have been proudly worn in this English county for many years.
    Prince Charlie Jacket
    The Prince Charlie jacket is the most popular of all the kilt jackets, and is the one most often seen at formal occasions. This page explains its wide appeal.
    Kilts and Bagpipes
    Kilts and bagpipes fit naturally together, pipe bands both military and civilian are seen all over the world, entertaining their audiences with their music and dress.
    Kilt Pin
    The kilt pin is an integral part of your Highland Dress, its origins are thought to date back to Queen Victoria herself.
    Kilt Hose Knitting Pattern
    Many people look for a kilt hose knitting pattern because they would rather knit them by hand than buy them machine knitted, so here is a free pattern for you to follow.
    Scottish Kilt Knife
    The Scottish kilt knife (correct name Sgian Dubh) is a symbolic decrative knife which is worn mostly hidden in the kilt hose.
    Tweed Kilt Jacket
    The tweed kilt jacket is seen as less formal, and is usually worn as day wear with your kilt, Harris tweed is the most popular cloth for such a jacket.
    Inverness Kilt Stores
    This page lists all of the Inverness kilt stores, which specialize in providing full Highland Dress to customers all over the world.
    The Authentic Scottish Kilt
    The authentic Scottish kilt can be seen being worn throughout the world with great pride and is one of Scotland's best loved symbols.
    Lightweight Kilt
    Many people today buy a lightweight kilt, often as a leisure garment and in warmer climates it can be a sensible alternative to the traditional eight yard kilt.
    Irish Military Kilt
    The Irish military kilt is unique, it's solid saffron colour ensures that it stands out as Irish when compared to the Scottish Regimental kilts.
    Army kilts
    Are army kilts different from civilian ones? this page looks at the differences and explains why the kilt as we know it today would not exist if it wern't for the army.
    Isle of Man Kilt
    The Isle of Man kilt is a symbol of the island's proud Celtic heritage, and islanders both at home and abroad are wearing these kilts in ever increasing numbers.
    Kilts for Children
    Kilts for children are becoming very popular, especially at weddings as more and more parents come to realize how fantastic their children look dressed in kilts.
    Welsh Kilt
    How long has the Welsh kilt been in existance, and how does it compare to the Scottish and Irish kilts.This page proves beyond all doubt , that the Welsh Cilt has been around, for a long time.
    The Northumberland Kilt
    The Northumberland kilt is unique, it is thought to be the oldest tartan known and is said to date back to Roman times.
    Ladies Evening Kilt
    Is there such a thing as a ladies evening kilt? most traditionalists if not all, would argue that ladies may not wear kilts as they are strictly male attire.
    Kilts for Graduation
    Is it considered suitable attire to wear kilts for graduation ceremonies, Cambridge University doesn't think so and have banned their students from wearing their kilts.
    Contemporary American Kilts
    What are contemporary American kilts, and how do they compare to authentic Scottish kilts.
    school Uniform Kilts
    School uniform kilts are still very popular in private schools accross the world, and this popularity has endured for at least one hundred and fifty years.
    MacKinnon Kilts
    This page looks at the clan MacKinnon kilts, this is one of Scotland's oldest clans who fought alongside Bonnie Prince Charlie at the battle of Culloden.
    Kilt Wedding
    A kilt wedding is becoming a very popular wedding theme, as more and more couples decide to honour their Celtic heritage and opt for Highland Dress.
    Scottish Tartans Authority
    The Scottish Tartans Authority is a charity set up to promote the use of tartans around the world, they also record new tartans as well as educate people on its history.
    History of the Kilt
    The history of the kilt dates back to the sixteenth century, and perhaps further, no one knows for sure as its origins are lost in the mists of time.
    United Kingdom Kilts
    What does the term United Kingdom Kilts mean? well the kilt is worn right across the United Kingdom, and not just in Scotland and Ireland.
    Kilt Scotland Photos
    kilt Scotland photos is the story of the kilt and Scotland in photographic terms, featuring stunning Scottish scenery and kilts in various settings.
    Different Tartans
    There are over twenty thousand different tartans registered in Scotland, and this page looks at a random selection for you to compare.
    Clan Map of Scotland
    The Clan map of Scotland should be of particular interest to those of you who would like to know which part of Scotland your particular clan comes from, and where their lands are located.
    Wedding Kilt Rentals
    Wedding kilt rentals are very popular in many countries accross the world, with the cost of a full Highland Dress outfit being to high for many wedding budgets renting the outfit is a viable option.
    Highlands of Scotland
    The beautiful Highlands of Scotland are unparalleled in their breathtaking scenery, and are a magnet to tourists from all over the world, they are also the birthplace of the modern kilt.
    Shortage of kilts in Royal Regiment of Scotland
    The reported shortage of kilts in the newly formed Royal Regiment of Scotland is nothing less than a National disgrace, with an estimated fifteen soldiers sharing one kilt.
    Scottish Kilt Buckle
    The Scottish kilt buckle is a fairly important accessory to your kilt outfit, so it pays to give it some consideration before buying one.
    Clan Cameron
    The clan Cameron is one of Scotlands oldest and best known clans, the clan's ancestral home played a major role during the second World War, when allied forces undewent commando training there.
    Irish Kilt History
    Does Irish kilt history date back to the sixteenth century, as some people claim, or were they introduced to Ireland by the Scots at a much later date?
    Different sporrans are worn with the kilt depending on which occasion you are attending, they range from the fairly plain day version, all the way to the highly decorative dress version.
    Argyll Jacket
    The Argyll jacket is arguably the most versatile of all the kilt jackets, when you consider that depending how it is worn it can be suitable for all occasions.
    Pipe Bands
    Pipe bands both military and civilian are a common sight not only in Scotland, but around the world. They add a sense of tradition and excitement to any event.
    Kilt Wearers
    What makes kilt wearers stand out from other men, if you have ever considered wearing a kilt, but were a little unsure as to whether it is right for you or not. This page will help you decide.
    Wedding Kilts
    Why are so many couples choosing to dress the groom and groomsmen in wedding kilts these days? One reason is of course their wish to celebrate their Celtic heritage.
    Ladies Kilt
    What exactly is a ladies kilt, and how does it differ, if at all, from a traditional man's kilt?
    Kilt Shirt
    Do you need a special kilt shirt to complete your kilt outfit, or will a normal shirt do? This question comes up fairly often, when people are considering buying their Highland Dress.
    Kilt Pattern
    When people use the search term kilt pattern, they are looking for either a pattern which shows them how to make a kilt, or information on the pattern of the tartan.
    Kilt Costume
    A kilt costume will ensure that you are appropriately dressed, regardless of which function or occasion you are attending. In fact a kilt is the most versatile item of clothing you could ever hope to
    Highland Kilts
    Highland kilts are worn and revered around the world. They are the focal point of full Highland Dress, and as such, are the most important part of Scotland's National Dress (arguably the most famous N
    Black Watch Kilt
    The Black Watch kilt is arguably one of the most famous kilts in the world. And one reason for this, is that the tartan used in this kilt is generic, meaning that anyone can wear this tartan without r
    Real Men Wear kilts
    I have heard it said many times that real men wear kilts, so what do people mean when they say that? Well what I personally take that statement to mean, is that men who are self assured, confident, an
    Kilts for Women
    Ask just about any kilt maker these days, if they make kilts for women, and most will answer yes. This response will irritate, if not infuriate most traditionalists, who would have us believe that onl
    History of Scottish Kilts
    The history of Scottish kilts, is a subject that many people wish to know more about. And as the wearing of the kilt increases in popularity across the world, misinformation and myths surrounding its
    Kilts for Men
    Kilts for men are arguably the most comfortable garment any man could imagine, or hope to wear. This is only one reason amongst many which I will cover, as to why the kilt is gaining in popularity wit
    The Famous Royal Stewart Kilt
    The Royal Stewart kilt is made from one of the most famous tartans in the world. And it is no accident, that the word Royal is included in the name of this Scottish tartan.
    School Kilt
    The school kilt is perhaps the most widely seen uniform, adopted by thousands of schools around the world. But is its popularity diminishing, amongst reports of teenage girls rolling the waist bands u
    Cheap Kilts
    What are people actually looking for when they type the words cheap kilts into their browser? Are they looking to buy one of the cheap and nasty imitations of a authentic Scottish kilt. Or are they
    Kilts For Sale
    Why do people go online looking for kilts for sale, when there are so many kilt makers with retail premises on the High Street? After all isn't an authentic Scottish kilt a made to measure, top qualit
    Your kilt Photos 2
    Your kilt photos 2 is an extention of the your kilt photos page, and as such features photos sent to me by visitors to the web site. If you have a kilt photo you would like featured, please send it.
    Scottish Irish Merchant
    With so many Scottish Irish merchants all compeating for your custom, this page focuses on the one company which stands head and shoulders above the rest.
    Buying a Welsh Kilt
    If you are contemplating buying a Welsh kilt, also known in Wales, as a Welsh Cilt, there is only one other place apart from this web site, where you can go to research the product properly.
    Formal kilt often seen as a wedding kilt
    The formal kilt is very often seen being worn as a wedding kilt, and will ensure that you are elegantly dressed for any formal occassion.
    Boys in kilts attract a lot of attention, especially at weddings.
    Many parents now choose to dress their boys in kilts, and that is not surprising as little boys look very cute in a kilt outfit, and boys kilts are very practical for special occasions.
    Kilts for babies when you are making a kilt gives you beautiful kilt pictures.
    If you are interested in kilts for babies, and would like to see kilt pictures sent to me by a proud mum after making a kilt for her baby daughter, then this page is for you.
    What is a Sport Kilt
    What is a sport kilt, is it different from a traditional kilt, and if so who would want to wear one? These are a few of the questions this page will address, so that you can decide if wearing such a k
    Wearing a Kilt
    Wearing a kilt is guaranteed to get you noticed, and most women love to see a man in a kilt.
    Kilt Care
    kilt care is important if you want your kilt to last a lifetime, so find out the correct way to care for your kilt, and ensure that it always looks its best.
    Welsh Kilts
    Have Welsh kilts been worn for centuries? or are they a modern invention?, wharever the answer to that question they have become very popular
    Kilt Rental
    Kilt rental is often seen as a viable alternative to buying a kilt, and this page looks at the advantages and disadvantages in renting
    How To Wear A Kilt
    How to wear a kilt, and which accessories should go with it, to give you the perfect outfit for any occassion.
    Scottish Plaids
    Are Scottish Plaids a necessary part of your Highland Dress, or is this a relativly new addition to an already famous costume?
    Pictures of Men in Kilts
    Pictures of men in kilts is an interesting look at how spectacular men look while wearing kilts, in many different settings.
    Skirts For Men
    To be honest I never imagined I would ever write a page called skirts for men, but due to the large amount of intrest shown in this search term, here it is . Let me make something very clear right fr
    Utility kilts
    Utility kilts are certainly making their mark, especially amoungst the younger genaration, but don't think you have to be young to wear one, you don't. So what exactly is a utility kilt, and how do th
    Men Wearing kilts
    Men wearing kilts are becoming a fairly common sight in many countries around the world, as more and more of you discover how versatile and practical kilts are.
    Tartan Wedding Dress
    If you are planning your wedding, then a tartan wedding dress will add beautifully to a Scottish or Irish wedding theme
    Elliot Clan
    The Elliot Clan are one of Scotland's oldest, and for centuries were one of Scotland's most feared Border Clans, who went on to produce some of the world's greatest ever Statesmen.
    Robertson Clan
    Clan Donnachaidh, more widely known as the Robertson Clan, are without doubt one of Scotlands oldest Clans. And according to eminent historians, the Robertsons of Struan are without any doubt, the old

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