The Lightweight Kilt

What is a lightweight kilt, and how does it differ from a normal kilt?

Well the answer to that question is quite simple, it is a kilt specifically designed with lighter and often less material than your normal kilt.

And why would anybody want such a kilt? I hear you ask.

Several reasons, firstly it is somewhat cooler to wear in summer which can be of particular importance in warmer climates. Also for sporting events, such as Highland Games a lighter kilt is far more practical and more pleasant for the athletes to wear.

But not just the athletes, Highland dancers often also find a lightweight kilt more comfortable to dance in than a heavier kilt.

And as you can see from the photo below, a lighter kilt reveals far more of the dancer, during vigorous dance routines.

lightweight kilt

Lightweight Kilt Photo Alex Cunningham

And given how strenuous such dancing must be, it is no wonder to me why many dancers wear a lighter kilt during competitions.

Hill walking or hiking would be yet another example, where perhaps you would find the weight of a normal kilt somewhat heavy or uncomfortable for that purpose.

A lightweight kilt has approximately half the amount of material used in a normal kilt, and the weight of the wool is also significantly less.

A standard (normal) kilt uses, depending on the size of the wearer, about eight yards of material. The weight of that cloth is usually 13 oz or 16 oz (the weights are given in ounces per yard).

Whereas the lighter version has about four yards of material, and the weight of the cloth is 10 oz to 11 oz per yard.

Many people when deciding on which kilt is right for them, choose to have two. This may seem a little extravagant at first, but when you think about it makes perfect sense.

Its one kilt for formal wear and one for leisure and day wear, and of course when you have two kilts, both of which are quality garments which when properly looked after will last you a lifetime, you can alternate them.

I at the moment am the owner of only one kilt, but that said I am seriously considering buying a lightweight version for some of the very reasons that I have mentioned here.

I just have to find the right time to tell my wife.

Seriously though having two kilts, the dress version and the leisure gives you not only more versatility, but also the chance to have two kilts in two different tartans. And you know what they say about variety being the spice of life.

So if you are considering a kilt, take a little time to think about when and where you will be wearing it. And whether it is of benefit to you to have one in both weights.

You might also consider asking your kilt maker for a discount, (I certainly would) since you would be buying two at one time, most would be happy to oblige.


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