Kilt Accessories

Well now that you've bought your first kilt, what do you need in the way of kilt accessories to complete your Highland dress outfit?

Actually in order to be fully kited out you need quite a few items, so where shall we begin?

How about we go from top to bottom, that way we will not miss anything out, so lets start with your kilt jacket as this is one of your most important kilt accessories.

But just before we do that I would like to mention head wear, and the chances are that if you wish to wear a cap with your kilt outfit you would choose a Glengarry as it is the most popular.

We will assume for the moment that you want to wear your kilt as formal wear, this is one of the occasions when most people choose to wear their kilt (gala evening, formal dinner, Burns night, weddings etc) the list can go on and on.

The kilt jacket chosen above all others for formal wear is the Prince Charlie jacket, the reason for this is that it is so elegant that nothing else can compare to it for evening wear. It comes complete with its own matching waistcoat (vest).

Of course when wearing your kilt formally, you need the correct kilt shirt to complete your kilt outfit.

If you are looking for a jacket that is perhaps a bit more versatile, then you may wish to consider the Argyle jacket because depending on which one you choose, it can be suitable for both formal and casual wear.

Now just to make sure there is no confusion, it is also known as the Argyll jacket and this page deals with the kilt jacket once again, with the alternative spelling.

Next in your list of kilt accessories you need your dress shirt and bow tie, a winged collar shirt is most fashionable at the moment, but of course its your choice.

Then you have your kilt belt, which features your kilt buckle part of the decoration which adorns the kilt.

One note of caution here, many people (myself included) do not wear a kilt belt and buckle when wearing their Prince Charles jacket, as it spoils the lie of the waistcoat.

Then comes your sporran, a very important accessory as your kilt doesn't have any pockets.

In fact there are several different versions of sporrans, so depending on which occasion you wear your kilt, will determine which one you choose.

After that you need your kilt pin, which is an integral part of the outfit, it can be either fairly plain or highly decorative.

Next comes the kilt hose, which once again can range from fairly simple to highly decorative, and for your hose you need flashes, which either contrast with or match your kilt.

For those of you who would rather knit your kilt hose than buy them, you can find a free knitting pattern by following the link.

Tucked in the kilt hose is your Sgian Dubh, a symbolic kilt knife, which is also an integral part of the full Highland dress.

Your kilt and flashes can be made from the same tartan, or if you wish you can choose a solid colour taken from your kilt (that's what I did).

Finally we have the kilt shoes, which for formal wear are almost always Ghillie brogues, for day wear a pair of normal Brogues are usually worn.

So there we have it, all the kilt accessories you need to complete the full Highland dress outfit, an outfit which you can wear to any formal occasion.

And it is an outfit which sets you apart from the crowd, and gets you noticed like no other outfit can.

For day wear a tweed kilt jacket is normally worn, which then gives your kilt a less formal look (semi formal) the kilt can of course be worn without a jacket, it then becomes a fairly casual look often worn with a Jacobite shirt and chieftain waistcoat.
So as you can see from this page, the kilt accessories are almost as important as the kilt itself.

And now that you have everything to complete your kilt outfit, you need something to transport it all, and to store it all when not in use.

The ideal solution is a kilt carrier, which does the job perfectly.

However you choose to wear your kilt you will find it to be an experience like no other, and one which I can guarantee you will enjoy.

If there are any questions you may have or any points which you don't find covered on this web-site, please drop me a line using the "contact us" page which you can find on the bottom of the navigation bar.


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