Kilt Belt Buckle

Your kilt belt buckle can say a lot about you.

For instance your choice of buckle is very wide and diverse, and can reflect your loyalties.

First of all, just a few words to clarify what it is , and why you will probably want one.

Notice I said "want one", and not need one, as the kilt belt buckle is not an absolute necessity when it comes to accessorising your kilt outfit.

I say that because if you only ever wear your kilt to formal occasions (and there are people who fit into this category) then you will have no need for a kilt belt, and so logically no need for a buckle either.

The reason is that for formal wear your kilt is usually worn with a Prince Charlie jacket, which is teamed with a matching waistcoat (vest), and the waistcoat hides the kilt belt and buckle, so it makes no sense to wear one.

I have over the years seen a few people, who were clearly never given such advice, and did wear their belt and buckle with such a jacket and waistcoat.

Not only is the belt hidden from view, but it spoils the way the waistcoat lies, so for the most elegant look don't wear them both.

The function of the buckle is to secure both ends of your kilt belt together, and at the same time add decoration to your kilt.

So what can your kilt belt buckle say about you?

Well depending on your individual taste, your buckle can say quite a lot.

For example you may decide to have your clan crest on your buckle (this is very popular, and is widely seen) and many clan crests are available.

Celtic art is also often seen on buckles and again the choice of designs is very large.

Thistles being the Scottish national symbol are also very popular, as are the St Andrew's cross and the lion rampant.

The choice of finish to your buckle is also extensive including, to name just a few, silver, chrome, antique or enamel.

The finish as well as the design chosen will reflect in the price, and again are to diverse for me to attempt to quote here.

But if you need any help finding a quality supplier in your area, then drop me a line using the Contact Us page and I will gladly find one for you.

So do give due consideration to your buckle, and don't forget as with other quality accessories for your kilt, when properly looked after it can become a family heirloom.

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