Scottish Wedding

A Scottish wedding theme is both romantic and enchanting, and because Scotland has such an intriguing history, many couples from around the world choose to take their marriage vows there.

Some come to Scotland to honour their Celtic heritage, and marry in the land of their forefathers.

While others choose Scotland because of its outstanding beauty, and perhaps because of the large number of castles and manor houses that are available as wedding venues.

Whatever reason you have for choosing Scotland as the venue for you wedding, you will be creating a wedding celebration that will live on in your memory for your entire lifetime.

Ancient wedding traditions in Scotland date as far back as the thirteenth century, and some of them are still being used today

For example the medieval Scottish church would announce the wedding at their church services, for three successive Sundays.

This was called "reading the banns of marriage", and this practice was continued for over six hundred years.

Today it is no longer required for the banns to be read on three successive Sundays, however it is still necessary for the couple to give notice of their intent to marry.

Another tradition or custom that has endured for over seven hundred years, is that of the groom carrying his bride over the threshold of their new home.

This custom originated to keep evil spirits from entering his wife through her feet, and although most husbands are no longer aware of it's origins, the custom is still widely performed.

Another important aspect of a Scottish wedding, apart from the bride's traditional white wedding dress, is of course the bridegroom and many of the male guests fitted out in traditional Highland Dress.

With lots of kilts on show, it's a wonderful chance to see many different tartans, as many of the guests will wear a kilt made from their clan tartan. Below you can view a short video, which will give you an idea of how such a wedding can look.

Although the wedding didn't take place in Scotland, it still gives a clear indication of how the theme works.

The bride more often than not will be piped down the aisle by her wedding piper, who will also pipe the bride and groom to the table of honour at their wedding reception.

When the bride cuts the first slice of the wedding cake, she will do so using a dirk (a long bladed Scottish knife) provided to her by the piper, with her hand being guided by the hand of her new husband.

It is normal for the celebrations to last well into the night, although the bride and groom will usually depart earlier, leaving their guests to enjoy the festivities while they head off to their honeymoon.

So if you are looking for a wedding theme which encapsulates romance, enchantment, intriguing history, beautiful scenery and ancient castles, then perhaps such a Scottish themed wedding would be just right for you.

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