The Irish Clans

The Irish clans bear many resemblances to their Scottish cousins, not least of which is the sense of unity and family that they provide to members, many of whom are spread to the four corners of the world.

The Irish, perhaps to an even greater extent than the Scots, have a huge presence across the world. Especially in America, Canada, Australia and England, to name just a few.

Because they are a fiercely proud nation, whose ancestors had to survive many hardships, including poverty and famine, the bonds holding them together are particularly strong.

Indeed the fact that the Scottish Irish clans survived at all, is nothing short of remarkable.

A revival of interest in Gaelic culture around the end of the nineteenth beginning of the twentieth century, saw the formation of the first modern Irish clans in the latter half of the twentieth century.

And ever since they have been steadily growing both in numbers and popularity, as exiled Irishmen continued to keep alive and foster their Gaelic roots.

There is a Scottish company that offer beautiful cashmere sweaters embroidered with your clan badge.

Most clans will undertake research into the history and origins of the family name, always remembering that the word clan and Family are interchangeable. And will provide members with guidance, when looking to trace their Irish ancestry,

With DNA technology increasing in popularity, many clans have started projects in the fields of genealogy and family history, which are providing members with very valuable information.

As with Scottish clans their Irish counterparts hold regular clan gatherings, which as you can imagine are designed to foster and strengthen clan ties.

These are of course predominantly social events, and can last several days with clansmen and their families attending from all over the world.

There has been in existence since 1989 an association called "The Clans of Ireland" whose primary aim is to organize all the clans at home and abroad, into one great family association to promote world-wide interest in all things Irish.

In recognition of the role the association plays within the National cultural revival it has been accredited as a Registered Charity (CHY 11585), and this being this case all registered clans are automatically eligible to apply for Charitable Status.

Anybody wishing to register a clan with the for-mentioned association is required that the surname is either authoritatively documented as being of Irish origin, or has a documented presence in Ireland prior to the Great Famine.

The names and addresses of at least six adult members bearing the surname, are required for completion of registration.

So if your family name has its origins in Ireland, and you are not yet a Clan member, perhaps it is time to join.

Or indeed if the clan has not yet been formed, you could take the first step and start yet another Irish clan.


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