Irish Wedding

You don't have to be in Ireland, in order to have an Irish wedding.

In fact they are being conducted in many countries around the world, none more so than in the United States, where there are millions of Irish-Americans.

And when it comes to getting married, so many of you are choosing a traditional Irish theme for your wedding.

So what do you need for a traditional Irish wedding?

Well there are so many Irish traditions attached to getting married, that you will be spoiled for choice.

But one that you will almost certainly wish to include, is a kilt for the bridegroom, and his best man, and possibly for the brides father too.

Below you can see a photo of the bride being escorted into the church by her father.

Bride and her father at her Irish wedding

Bride Entering The Church

It's also quite normal these days for many of the male guests to be wearing kilts, and not only the adults, as many people nowadays realise how cute children look in kilts.

There are enough Irish tartans available nowadays, that most people of Irish descent will be able to find a tartan that is suitable.

And don't forget the piper, as bagpipe music is also a traditional aspect of such weddings, in fact family and friends often include a piper or an entire pipe band, so of course they come to join the celebrations.

Another tradition for example states, "Marry in May and Rue The Day", so to counteract it, there is another that says "Marry in April if you can, joy for maiden and for man.

So you can guess which is the favourite month for weddings in Ireland.

Another quaint tradition is that for luck Irish brides used to carry a real horseshoe, which was always turned up so the luck wouldn't run out.

Nowadays porcelain horseshoes are normally carried, (but of course still turned up).

It is also considered lucky if the sun shines on the Bride, and for someone to throw an old shoe over the Bride's head after the ceremony

Mead said to be the oldest drink in Ireland, is traditionally drunk at weddings because it is believed to promote virility (as does wearing the kilt), and when the first baby arrives nine months after the wedding, its attributed to the mead.

The ring is also very important, and traditionally a Claddagh ring is used.

They feature two hands holding a heart which is adorned by a crown

They are passed on from mother to daughter, through many generations, it is considered bad luck to buy one yourself, they must be given as a gift.

So if you're Irish or of Irish descent, you may well decide that an Irish wedding is just what you want to honour your Irish heritage.

And it will certainly give you a wedding day that is rich in tradition, and one you will always remember.

If you would like any further information on the many different traditions connected with Irish weddings, then please drop me a line using the "Contact Us" page.

I am always delighted to answer any questions you may have on this, or any other kilt related question.

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