Bagpipe Music

Bagpipe music is something that most people would naturally associate with the Highlands of Scotland, and for good reason.

But you don't have to be in Scotland to hear the bagpipes being played, in fact they are now so famous that you can see and hear pipe bands in just about every corner of the world.

The sight and sound of a pipe band is something that stirs the blood of just about everyone (you certainly don't have to be Scottish or Irish to appreciate and love the music).

Arguably some of the most famous bagpipe music would have have its origins in Scottish military pipe bands.

For centuries the Great Highland Bagpipes have played a major role in Scottish regiments, often leading the troops into battle, in many theatres of war across the world.

Nowadays thank God, these pipe bands are put to different uses, but never the less just as important, as the role of these Scottish Battalions which make up the newly formed Royal Regiment of Scotland, play their part in the modern British armed forces.

The leading military school, which is responsible for the continued high standard of these pipe bands is The Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming.

Below I have embedded a short video which allows you to watch, and I hope enjoy listening to some of the students of the school, as they learn to play their instruments.

The school was founded in 1910, and is located at Inchdrewer House, near Redford Barracks in Edinburgh, and is affiliated with the Corps of Army Music which is regarded as the smallest unit in the British Army.

Its aim is to train military pipers and drummers, from the British Armed Forces, to the highest possible levels.

The school is commanded by a Director who is a qualified Pipe Major, and who normally holds the rank of Captain or Major. He in turn is assisted by a Chief Instructor, who is the Senior Pipe Major of the British Army.

The qualified instructors themselves are drawn from the pipes and drums of the various units within the British Army.

They also accept students from the armed forces of Commonwealth Countries, but not civilians.

They have in the past provided instruction to various police pipe band members, but this has not happened in the last number of years.

The school is part of the Institute of Piping, the institute sets a standardised piping certificate programme for students from around the world.

So long as the school continues to turn out such highly trained pipers and drummers, the future of this wonderful music is assured, which in turn means that you and I can continue to be enchanted by the skirl of the pipes.


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