Kilts and Flashes

Kilts and flashes go together as an integral part of the Highland Dress, quite simply they play an important role as they are necessary for holding up the kilt hose. Perhaps an even more important role is that they hold the Sgian Dubh securely in place in the sock, allowing the wearer to walk and move freely without worrying that his concealed ornamental knife may be lost.

They are normally made from coloured ribbons, which usually either match the tartan of your kilt or are a contrasting colour. They are attached to elastic which act as a garter.

As they are a fairly simple accessory to make, many people choose to make them themselves (or at least many wives or girlfriends make them for their partners).

When buying a kilt from a reputable kilt maker you will more often than not be given any excess material, such as off cuts when the making of your kilt is complete (if in doubt ask him at the time of placing your order, most are happy to oblige).

Having received the extra material you can then have your flashes made with the extra tartan, or indeed use it for whatever purpose you see fit.

My wife for example had her wedding dress maker use some of the extra tartan left over from making my kilt, and extra material from her wedding dress to sew a cushion, which was then used in our wedding ceremony to present our wedding rings for their blessing.

Depending on the colour you choose for your hose will normally determine the colour of the flashes, for example if you choose a diced pattern hose then tartan would look out of place and you would be better with a single contrasting colour.

On the other hand white or cream coloured hose look really good with the matching tartan from your kilt, but as with everything to do with your kilt outfit the choice is wide and you are the best qualified person to make that choice.

So enjoy choosing the perfect accessories to compliment your new kilt, as with all decisions a lot will depend on which occasion you are wearing it.

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