Your Kilt Carrier

What is a kilt carrier, and why would you need one?

Well simply stated its a specially designed piece of luggage, which carries your entire kilt outfit. So why wouldn't you just pack your kilt along with all its accessories into your suitcase, why would you need a specially designed piece of luggage to do the job?

A suitcase is not designed, and most are not large enough to carry your kilt without you having to fold it (something I don't recommend) and the same goes for your kilt jacket. Most people who have invested a substantial amount of money in their full Highland Dress, don't want it to be damaged while being transported (we have all seen how some airlines for example handle our luggage).

So necessity being the mother of invention, the kilt carrier has been designed.

Now some of them are very simple indeed, and are no more than a plastic tube with a shoulder strap, into which you place your rolled up kilt.

These cost around sixty five dollars, depending on the manufacturer.

I mention this option as a less expensive alternative to the somewhat more substantial design that I wish to focus on.

A good quality one will cost you approximately two hundred dollars American.

Now that may at first seem an awful lot of money to pay just to transport your kilt outfit.

But when you consider how much you paid for your Highland Dress, you will want to protect it while traveling (remember those airlines).

So what do you get for your money?

One of the best I've seen has been developed in Scotland, and allows you to carry the kilt and all its accessories together.

It has a stylish design, and the kilt is held firmly, without folding on a special clamp.

Again without folding, the kilt jacket and shirt are held on a secure hanger.

Your kilt shoes are in a separate lined shoe compartment, so are kept away from your outfit.

With three large pockets (all with sturdy zips) for your sporran, kilt belt, Sgian Dubh, flashes and kilt hose. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap, brass padlock and identification tag.

But for me one of its cleverest features is a wardrobe hook, yes this kilt carrier not only transports your kilt outfit safely, so that it is ready to wear (no creases).

But it enables you to store and protect your full Highland dress in your wardrobe, while you are not using it.

Now that to me is good value for money.

If you would like further details of where you can purchase one, then please drop me a line using the "Contact Us" page which you can find on the navigation bar.

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