Kilt Hose Knitting Pattern

Many people wish to have a kilt hose knitting pattern, which would enable them to knit their own kilt socks.

Now because I can't knit I was therefor quite happy to buy mine, but I can understand why many people would want to make their own.

As a present for your partner perhaps, or maybe you are man who enjoys knitting and want to make your own (I can remember my mother trying to teach me to knit when I was a little boy, and while I enjoyed it at the time I was never very good so I didn't keep it up).

I could also imagine many mothers wishing to knit for their sons, and of course when they are hand made rather than machine knitted as most bought ones are, then they are somewhat special.

There are many many patterns available to buy, but I wanted to be able to offer you one free of charge, as my way of saying thank you for spending time on my web-site.

However my first thought was to offer you a pattern in PDF format that you could download, and after several day of looking for such a pattern and being unable to secure one, due to copyright issues, I have decided to simply give you a link to a site that does have copyright.

So if you do want to spend some time knitting (I've seen the pattern and I'm glad I won't be attempting it) and you can read a knitting pattern, then have fun with it.

To find the pattern simply click on the link and when you are finished you can proudly present them as a special accessory to the kilt, and I'm sure the man in your life will be delighted with them.


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