Tweed Kilt Jacket

When would you wear a tweed kilt jacket, and where?

This is another question I hear asked quite frequently, and in general terms these jackets are strictly day wear.

Well what exactly is day wear?

Day wear is the kilt outfit in a less formal setting, at a Highland Games for example the kilt is frequently seen being worn with a tweed jacket, a plain leather sporran and plain brogue shoes.

Because the kilt is so versatile you can wear it to almost any occasion, and it will not look out of place (ok maybe not the beach).

When you wear such a jacket with your kilt, this outfit is often referred to as an Argyll outfit, so when you hear this term being used you know that it refers to day wear.

A good quality tweed kilt jacket will more often than not be made from Harris tweed, which is arguably the most famous tweed cloth in the world.

It is produced on the island of Harris, in the Outer Hebrides, which are a group of islands lying off Scotland's West coast, and is exported all over the world.

You would of course where possible have your jacket made to measure, as with your kilt this is a quality item of clothing, and as such you want to ensure that it fits correctly.

Having said that if you are a "standard" size, you may well be able to buy your jacket ready made off the peg.

If this is the case you can expect to save a considerable amount, compared to the price of a made to measure one, without sacrificing quality.

The way the jacket is styled, it is designed to be worn only with the kilt, and is therefor not suitable for wearing with any other outfit.

It is cut in such a way as to show the kilt off to its full advantage, and is yet another example of the many stylish accessories available to compliment your kilt beautifully.

These jackets although made with pockets, will look their best if you don't put anything in them, as it often spoils the cut of the garment.

After all that's what your sporran is for, but a note of caution, don't overload that either.

If you would like any further information or have any questions about this page, or any other aspect of the kilt, then please get in touch with me using the "Contact us" page on the navigation bar.


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