Inverness Kilt Stores

This page on Inverness Kilt Stores is my chance to once again mention that I was in fact born there. So any web-site especially one with the theme kilt would almost have to include such a page.

My home town (or as it is now, a city) is at least unofficially the capital of the Scottish Highlands, and as such you would expect it to have several stores specializing in kilts, and you would not be disappointed.

There are at the last count, eight stores in the city.

I have listed them below in no particular order, other than to say that the first one on the list is where I bought my own complete Highland dress outfit, and I do highly recommend them.

Duncan Chisholm and Sons, 47-51 Castle Street.

Ben Wyvis Kilts, Highland Rail House, Station Square.

Boarstone Tartans, 14-16 New Market, Academy Street.

Hector Russell, 6-8 Bridge Street.

Highland House of Fraser Ltd, 4-9 Huntly Street.

Scotkilt, 92 Academy Street.

Slater Mens Wear, 15 Union Street.

True Kiltmakers, 19 Market Brea.

All of the above addresses are in the city center.

Because the kilt is traditionally Highland wear, many people wish to have their kilt made in the Highlands of Scotland.

And some of the above companies do in fact make their kilts and accessories on the premises.

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