Irish Kilt History

Irish kilt history is a subject which is still being discussed and argued about by historians.

However it would seem that the origins of the Irish kilt, lie firmly in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Most historians seem to agree that the kilt was adopted by Irish Nationalists around the turn of the twentieth century.

Having said that, there are still some people who claim that the kilt has been worn in Ireland as far back as the sixteenth century.

While it is true that the Irish for many centuries did wear the Lein-croich, a long tunic made mostly from linen, of which there are many depictions found in early carvings across Ireland.

However the Lein-croich is not a kilt, although in these carvings it has often been mistaken for one.

One of the most widely seen Irish kilts is of course the Saffron kilt, this particular kilt was first adopted by the Irish Regiments who served in the British army.

These Irish military kilts are still being worn today by the Royal Irish Rangers.

But Irish kilts are not only solid colours such as Saffron, indeed Irish tartans are becoming very popular.

Unlike Scottish tartans, which are associated with Scottish clans, Irish tartans are mostly associated with Irish Counties or Districts

These tartans are a fairly new development, first produced in 1996 by a Scottish company, and aimed mostly at the Irish- American market.

So much so that these Irish tartans are virtually unknown and unobtainable in Ireland, indeed the kilt itself is still seen in Ireland as being primarily Scottish.

This may account for the fact that you will rarely if ever, see a kilt being worm on the streets of Ireland.

So does the Irish kilt have such a long history as the Scottish kilt? it would seem not.

However this is of little or no concern to the many thousands of people, mostly Irish-Americans, who wear their Irish kilts with great pride.

After all what better way to celebrate and honour your Celtic heritage, than with a kilt from the old country?

If you have any questions regarding the Irish kilt history, or anything to do with kilts or their accessories in general, then please drop me a line using the "Contact Us" page.

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