Scottish Tartans Authority

The Scottish Tartans Authority are a registered Charity in Scotland, having been formed in 1996.

It was set up by a collection of leading tartan weavers and retailers, and has governors from the commercial and private sectors.

Surprisingly Scotland has no official register of tartans, but the Authority is working towards the creation of such a legal entity.

Until that time arrives the industry standard the "International Tartan Index" is the only credible register available.

At this moment in time there is no legal obligation to record any new tartan, however it is advisable to ensure that your new design does not resemble any existing tartan too closely.

Or indeed that your new design is not copied by someone else and then recorded by them, bearing in mind that you are not only recording the design but also the name of your new tartan.

In order for your new tartan to be recorded and included in the International Tartan Index, you are required to provide a woven sample. This provides proof that the tartan is to go into commercial production.

Once you have successfully recorded your new tartan you will be issued with a signed certificate.

The organization has close working links with the USA, both the International Association of Tartan Studies and the Tartan Educational and Cultural Association have a representative serving on the board of governors.

The aim on both sides of the Atlantic is to promote a deeper knowledge of Scottish Tartans,

their origins, their use and their history and development. And to provide the public with dependable information free of charge.

The recording of new tartans is of course also of paramount importance, until such time as an official and legal register is established.

And lets not forget that such an organization underpinning the future of tartan is to be wholeheartedly supported and commended.


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