The Clan MacKinnon Kilts

The list of the clan MacKinnon kilts is not a particularly long one, in fact according to my research there are only three of them.

The red sett (a sett is an alternative name for tartan) which is known as the clan tartan, and the green sett known as the hunting tartan.

The third one is called the MacKinnon Red Modern, and is by far the brightest of the three.

Below you can see a photo of Robert with his wife and children, he is wearing the MacKinnon Red Modern.

Robert's wife actually made his kilt, how fortunate to have a wife who is also a kilt maker.

MacKinnon kilts

Robert wearing his MacKinnon Red Kilt

clan, even one as famous as this one to only have three accredited tartans. After all why would a clan need more than a couple of dress tartans, and a hunting tartan?

Below you can see a photo of the clan MacKinnon dress tartan.

MacKinnon kilts dress tartan

The MacKinnon Dress Tartan

And here below is the clans hunting tartan.

MacKinnon kilts hunting tartan

The Clan MacKinnon Hunting Tartan

I say famous because the clan are able to trace their roots right back to Kenneth MacAlpine, who became the first King of the Picts and Scotland in 834.

It is estimated that there are between three and four times as many clans (some would say so called clans) as there were at the time of their decline.

That decline happened after the battle of Culloden, when the wearing of kilts and all tartan was prohibited by the government of the day, (except for Scottish Regiments within the British Army)

The clan fought along side Bonnie Prince Charlie, and were one of the last clans to give up their arms.

It is said that the clan sheltered him after the battle and aided his eventual escape to the isle of Skye.

There is a legend that as his way of thanking them, the Prince gave them the recipe for Drambuie Single Malt Whisky

It is certainly true that unlike some modern clans, the lineage of this particular clan can never be brought into question.

And their clansmen although relatively few in numbers after their decimation at Culloden, wear their MacKinnon kilts with justifiable pride.

For those of you who would like to read a detailed account of the clans colourful history please go to a site which I wholeheartedly recommend, where you will find an incredible amount of information, which I am certain will satisfy your quest for knowledge of this particular clan.


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