Used kilts

Many people wish to know about used kilts, are they good value? where best to buy one? and so on.

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is, for what purpose do I want a kilt?

If for example you want it strictly for casual wear, and you don't really mind which tartan it is made from, then a used kilt may not be a bad idea.

Many people first consider a second hand kilt, because the price of a new one is not inexpensive.

Having said that when you consider the quality and workmanship that go into making a kilt, the price charged (at least in my opinion) is not unreasonable.

The most frequently asked question is where can I buy one, and the place many people think of first is eBay.

Now again this is purely my opinion, and I know many people buy from that company, and are very pleased with their purchases, but its the last place I would buy a used kilt.

The major reason I say that is there are so many cheap poor quality kilts flooding the market, especially online that I would not consider buying from such a source.

The best place to buy your second hand kilt is a reputable kilt hire store, for several very good reasons.

Firstly you can see and try on the kilt that you are considering buying, which means that you will know that it is still in good condition.

Also a kilt hire store has trained staff, who can answer any questions you may have, regarding which tartan it is made from, the weight of cloth, how old it is.

They will also ensure that it fits as well as possible, they may even be able to alter it slightly for a better fit, bearing in mind that a new kilt is made to measure.

Another very good reason for buying from a reputable hire company, is that they need to replenish their stock of hire kilts regularly, while they are in good condition, in order to be able to sell off the used ones.

And when you buy your used kilt you then need the accessories to go with it, and where better to buy them than from the same kilt hire store.

You can normally buy every accessory you need from them, except your kilt hose which they do not hire, and you would have to buy new.

I bought my dress sporran second hand from my kilt maker, it looked like new and cost less than fifty percent of the price of a new one.

I mentioned earlier that if you want the kilt for casual wear then second hand can be a good option.

I would like to say that it is also possible of course to buy a complete full Highland Dress outfit, also second hand for use at formal occasions, at a considerable saving on the cost of a new one.

There are also reputable online stores which sell perhaps more occasionally, second hand kilts.

You can in fact purchase army surplus kilts online, these kilts have actually been worn by Scottish soldiers, and they give you the chance to own a piece of Scottish military history.

If you would like any help finding a good quality second hand kilt in your area, or perhaps you would like to buy one in Scotland, please get in touch using the

Contact Us page on the navigation bar.

I would stress though that availability of tartans is often limited on used kilts.


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