Kilt Rental

Kilt rental is fast becoming big business in a lot of countries.

In fact you can find companies that specialize exclusively in the rental market for kilts.

So in what circumstances would you wish to rent a kilt rather than buy one?

I can think of several occasions when renting can make more sense than buying.

The most obvious is when you are invited to a wedding, or indeed you yourself are getting married.

Bearing in mind that the cost of a full Highland Dress outfit, today averages out at around seven hundred pounds sterling, that's close to one and a half thousand dollars American.

That amount of money is not necessarily available in everyone's wedding budget, however you should not allow that to deter you from getting married in the kilt, or attending as a guest resplendent in Highland Dress.

In fact many kilt rental companies of which a large number are indeed kilt makers, will be only to willing to offer reduced prices, where a number of kilt outfits are rented for the same wedding (don't be shy about asking for a discount).

Prices are usually calculated on a daily or weekend basis, and it can be sensible to get more than one quote, as the costs do vary between different companies.

But one thing is certain the budget for renting will be small, when compared to the cost of buying.

Apart from weddings, the next most popular occasion to rent kilts are corporate functions, and formal dinners.

Many people nowadays want to make a special effort when attending such functions, and turning up in full Highland Dress will certainly get you noticed.

I personally have attended several corporate dinners dressed in a kilt outfit especially rented for the occasion, prior to having owned my own.

There are even companies who will deduct the cost of the kilt outfit rental, from the price of a new kilt, should you decide to buy within three months of renting.


Scotland around Burn's night, many kilt rental companies can expect to rent their entire stock, such is the demand for kilts for that particular celebration.

Hogmanay (New Year's Eve) is also a very busy time, when many wish to see in the New Year in true Scottish style.

So what are the disadvantages of renting your kilt compared to buying it?

The most obvious is the choice of tartans available.

When you buy your kilt, you get to choose from over twenty thousand different tartans, understandably the choice when renting is considerably smaller.

Also when buying, your kilt is made to measure to ensure a perfect fit.

When renting this of course is not the case, having said that the rental company will ensure the kilt fits you as well as is possible, after all its in their interests that the customer looks resplendent in their rental outfit.

So as you can see renting a kilt outfit is a viable alternative to buying, but it comes with one really big disadvantage, and that is you have to return it when the rental period is over.

My advice is if you want to experience the true sense of occasion when wearing a kilt, then rent one for a weekend, once you know how fantastic it is you can then go out and buy one.

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