Wedding Kilt Rentals

Wedding kilt rentals are big business in many countries across the world.

Why is that? well price may have a lot to do with it, given that the cost of a full Highland Dress outfit may be just to high for some people's wedding budget.

Long gone are the days when only the bride worried about how she will look on her big day. The groom and the best man want to play their part, and what better way than with the full Highland dress.

Weddings with a Scottish or Irish theme are becoming more and more popular every year, as many more couples look to their Celtic roots for the inspiration of their wedding theme.

And with the average cost of a full Highland dress outfit at around seven hundred pounds sterling, or one thousand four hundred and twenty one American dollars, its quite understandable that many people choose to rent their outfit for a day or two rather than buy them.

It is quite usual these days to see not only the groom and best man wearing rented kilt outfits, but also the father of the bride and many of the male guests including children.

And it is an impressive sight to see them displaying a variety of tartans, which all go towards making a wedding which everyone will remember.

There is perhaps one disadvantage to wedding kilt rentals, and that is the particular tartan that you would like may not be available to rent.

The reason for this is that it is simply not possible to carry every available tartan in stock, as there are many thousands of them.

So what most rental companies tend to do is to stock what they consider to be the most popular tartans, and then a few more besides.

There are even companies that when you buy your kilt from them, within three months after having rented one, they will deduct the cost of the rental from the price of your kilt.

And many if not most rental companies regularly sell off their hire kilts at a greatly reduced price compared to that of a new kilt, in order to maintain a stock of new or nearly new kilts.

Something else to bear in mind when deciding whether or not to rent your kilt outfit, and that is if a substantial number of guests at the wedding all rent from the same company, you should be able to negotiate a good discount on the overall price.

The cost of renting does vary from one company to another, so I will not attempt to quote costs, suffice to say it is a small fraction of the cost of buying your kilt, and therefor a sensible alternative which will afford you the chance to look spectacular at your wedding.

Weddings are by no means the only occasion where people choose to rent kilt outfits, other popular events are for example formal dinners, gala evenings, Burns supper, New Years Eve.

Almost anywhere you wish to make a positive impression, or attend a special occasion, then the Scottish or Irish kilts will ensure that you do stand out from the crowd.

If you would like any further advice on the subject of renting kilts, (or anything else to do with this web-site) then please feel free to contact me using the "Contact Us" page on the navigation bar.


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