What You Should Know When Buying a Welsh Kilt

If you are contemplating buying a Welsh kilt, also known in Wales, as a Welsh Cilt, there is only one other place apart from this web site, where you can go to research the product properly.

The Welsh Cilt, as I will refer to it from now on, is a unique garment, which differs from its Scottish and Irish cousins in several ways.

First and foremost the Cilt is available in thirty six tartans, which when compared to the number of Scottish tartans, is still a relatively small number.

However more tartans are being developed and designed fairly regularly, and the popularity of the Welsh Cilt is increasing at a remarkable rate.

Especially in America and Canada, where there are over one point nine million Americans with Welsh ancestry, and Canada can claim over four hundred and forty thousand residents with Welsh heritage.

Indeed over three point eight percent of Americans have a Welsh surname, and there have been eight American presidents with Welsh ancestry, including Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln, to name only two.

Welsh nationalism has seen a great surge in the last few years, as more and more Welshmen are rediscovering their Celtic roots, and the wearing of the Welsh cilt is gaining in popularity like no other garment.

In America too, those with Welsh forefathers are beginning to sport the welsh Cilt as a statement of their strong and proud Celtic heritage.

Now as I mentioned earlier, apart from my web site, the only other place on the internet which supplies relevant information on the Welsh Cilt, can be found by following the link below.

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They in fact specialize in the Welsh cilt, and actually manufacture the cilt from tartan cloth, which is still to this day woven on looms in a small village in Wales.

Unlike Irish tartans, which are actually woven in Scotland, the company are very proud of the fact that their cloth is indeed one hundred percent Welsh.

They are available both online and by telephone, to advise anyone interested in buying a Welsh Kilt.

Indeed I have had personal feedback from some of my visitors, whom I have sent to this company.

They have had a very positive experience, and have been so well advised by expert staff, that they had no hesitation in placing their orders for their Welsh clit outfits.

So if you are Welsh, or indeed of Welsh decent, and would like more information regarding the Welsh Cilt, then simply follow the link, and talk to the experts from this online company.

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If you prefer to talk to to them personally, they also have a retail store in Wales (where else) where you can browse their entire range of Cilts, and their specialized accessories.

My recommendation, having spent a lot of time researching the Welsh Cilt, so that you don't have to, is that the company I refer to here, are the leading experts on their product, and are unique on the web.

So here is the link once more, enjoy browsing their web site, and when you decide that buying a Welsh kilt is the right decision for you, I would be delighted if you would share some photos of yourself, wearing your outfit.

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If you wish to go one step further, and write an article about your Welsh Cilt, and your experiences while wearing it, I would be delighted to publish it on my web site, for the world to read.

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