Kilts For Sale

Why do people go online looking for kilts for sale, when there are so many kilt makers with retail premises on the High Street?

After all isn't an authentic Scottish kilt a made to measure, top quality garment, that will be hand sewn on the kilt maker's premises.

Where you can then go and collect it when it's finished.

Well yes and no.

It's a fact that nowadays, almost every home has a computer.

And when most people go looking for kilts for sale, just like anything else, they turn to Google, or their preferred search engine.

And these days almost every first rate kilt maker, most of whom are well established companies, are aware of this.

And they will have a web site to compliment their retail business, and reach a much wider customer base.

In fact most of them now offer kilts for sale to customers anywhere in the world, with their web sites converting the cost of your purchase into your local currency.

Some of them indeed no longer even bother with retail premises, preferring to conduct their entire business online.

So what are the advantages to you, the kilt buying public?

Well the most obvious is the convenience of being able to shop from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you (1.30 am for example, try doing that with a kilt maker who only does business on the High Street).

Another advantage, if you don't know which tartan you want to choose for your kilt, is that many web sites now have tartan finders with large databases, which can show you images of thousands of different tartans. One thing to be aware of though, is that your computer monitor can distort the colours of the tartans being displayed.

So before you make your final decision, it is always wise to ask for a sample of the tartan cloth to be sent to you, all reputable kilt makers will comply with this request.

But what about the measurements for your bespoke kilt, who takes them?

In short, you do with the help of your partner, or a friend, following the instructions given on the web site to a tee.

And it is very important to get these measurements correct, as your kilt is going to be made according to them.

So if your kilt arrives, and doesn't fit properly, the responsibility lies with you, and not your kilt maker, so do take due care when measuring for your kilt.

Shopping online also gives you the chance to compare prices for kilts of equal quality, from a large number of kilt makers world wide.

So are there any disadvantages of looking for kilts for sale online.

Well of course there are!

The most obvious being that you don't have the chance to talk to your kilt maker personally, face to face.

And that means that you will almost certainly miss out on his or her wealth of experience, and the chance to be guided through every step of buying your complete kilt outfit, by an expert.

If you are buying a kilt for the first time, and have never actually worn a kilt before.

You will miss out on the chance of trying on a complete kilt outfit, from the kilt maker's hire department.

By doing this, you get a feel of the wonderful sense of occasion that full Highland Dress affords you.

And you will experience a sense of freedom that no other garment apart from a kilt can deliver.

There are unfortunately many web sites online, who claim to be able to supply genuine Scottish kilts at absurdly low prices.

My advice, don't buy them, unless you want to be the owner of a tartan skirt.

For that in fact is what they are offering, and in no way can they be compared to a genuine kilt.

I would like to add a footnote to this page.

To any of you genuinely looking for kilts for sale.

I can put you in touch through a reputable Scottish web site who specialize in quality used kilts, with a kilt maker who has personally hand sewn a kilt for a prominent member of the British Royal family.

This master kilt maker will make you a hand sewn made to measure eight yard kilt, for around 295 pounds Sterling, plus postage.

That is a saving of approximately fifty percent of the price of the same kilt when bought through one of Scotland's premier kilt making companies.

If you would like further information on having a kilt made for you by the aforementioned master kilt maker, then please drop me a line using the Contact Us page, and I will provide you with further details.

Similarly if you have any questions related to this page, or anything to do with kilts in general, or their accessories, please contact me in the same way.

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