How To Make A Kilt

How to make a kilt is one of the most frequently asked questions to this website.

And believe it or not after having done the research, I have come to the conclusion that it is not as difficult as you would think.

Now that may sound like a rather bold statement, coming from a man that can barely sew on a button, so I will qualify it by adding that it is not so difficult for a person competent with a needle and thread (and perhaps a measuring tape and a good pair of scissors).

Until now I must admit, I was of the opinion that only a very experienced and highly skilled kilt maker could turn out a garment that could truly be called a kilt.

Having said that I have had to change my beliefs, and having done the research I have seen the photographic evidence that proves kilts can be made by amateurs (albeit skilled amateurs).

Now I personally would never in my wildest dreams consider making a kilt, I had mine made to measure by a very experienced firm of kilt makers, in my home town of Inverness Scotland. And I might add I am absolutely delighted with it.

Have you dared to make your own kilt?

Do you have a great story about making a kilt, was it easier or more difficult than you thought it would be? Come on and share it with other visitors to this web site, and have it read in over one hundred countries around the world.

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However I know for a fact that lots of the visitors to this website would like to have detailed directions on how to make a kilt themselves, and of course because I don't know personally how to do it, I can't write that article.

That's why I'm including on this page a link to another web-site which has clear and concise directions from several experienced kilt makers, on how to make the garment yourself.

It has always been my intention with this website to give the visitors the information that they are looking for, in as clear and concise a way as is possible.

And in this particular instance the only (or perhaps the best way of doing so) is to direct you to a web page which has the information that you seek.

I hope you have fun making your own kilt,

or one for your partner, and perhaps when it is finished you would be kind enough to send me a photo of the kilt being worn.

And with your permission I could feature it on this page, as an incentive to anyone else who may be toying with the idea of making a kilt themselves.

To contact me please use the Contact Us page on the navigation bar.


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