Kilt Care

I have read so much misinformation on the subject of kilt care.

Why do so many people think that in order to clean a kilt properly, it has to be dry cleaned?

Wool is a natural material, and as such why would anybody want to impregnate the fibers with chemicals?

I certainly wouldn't!

So what is the best advice on kilt care?

Don't dry clean it !

Ok now that said, what is the best way to care for your kilt?

Well from personal experience, you should always air your kilt after use, preferably outdoors for an hour or so, perhaps longer, particularly if you have been wearing it in a smoky atmosphere.

If you are unlucky enough to spill anything on your kilt (heaven forbid) then immediate action to remove the spot is required.

Dabbing the spot with a cold wet cloth should be enough (do not use paper towels) do not rub at the spot, as this will spread it rather than remove it.

Should you wash your kilt? is a question I have often heard being asked.

Well that has to be a matter of personal choice, and great care should be taken if you decide to do it.

Only cold or at most lukewarm water should be used, and if you feel you must use a detergent, a specially mild wool one is advised.

Simply soaking the kilt in the water for a few minutes is all that is required, do not move the kilt around or scrub it, as this will damage the wool.

I have heard it suggested that the kilt should then be hung on kilt hangers, and showered to remove all traces of detergent.

You would then hang it to dry naturally (this could take two days or more, depending on the weight of the wool) once dry you would then have to very carefully press the pleats.

In the twelve years that I have owned my kilt I have never washed it.

Is it dirty? I hear you ask, no it isn't, it has been well looked after and wool being a natural material is somewhat resistant to soiling.

How you store your kilt in your wardrobe is also very important.

It should always be hung on a kilt hanger, with enough room on either side to ensure that the pleats are hanging straight, and are not being creased by other items of clothing.

If you have a moth problem then strips of cedar wood placed in your wardrobe will help.

An excellent way to store your kilt is to use a kilt carrier, which will ensure your kilt is always protected while it hangs in your wardrobe.

Your kilt is probably one of the most expensive items of clothing in your wardrobe, and proper kilt care is essential to make sure your kilt lasts a lifetime and beyond.

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