Woe was me!!

by Bill Wilson
(Fife, Scotland)

I guess my kilt wearing started early, probably about 5 when my Mum decided to dress me up in an ordinary everyday kilt as far as I was concerned, and had to wear it going to parties etc.

It wasn't really until I reached 16 and got into the real history that we didn't get taught at school, about the Jacobite rebellion and all things Scottish, that I started to go through a lot of the clan histories, and found out that I had indeed actually been wearing my Great grandmothers tartan, which was Anderson.

I didn't buy a set for a few years, and my first marriage I had hired at that time.

The closest I could get to my Wilson name was either the Gunn or the Innes tartans, I opted for the Gunn.

I suppose in ways you could say I am a traditionalist when it comes to kilts.

When I came to buy my first kilt I was in a quandary, by then I found out that there was a Wilson tartan, and a Wilson Clan, albeit the clan stemmed from America.

I am a born Scot. But I went ahead and bought a set.

Full Prince Charlie, this for my second marriage, I wear it mainly for formal wear as a family kilt if the family have a get together

Now I also have the Gunn tartan which I also wear with pride with my Jacobite set, as through doing the Family tree I found out that I was indeed from the Gunn lines, and part from Norse blood, I also have Irish, so I suppose I am a true Celt.

Unfortunately I have lost all the pics I had but hope to do more soon and add them to this.

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