What do men wear under the kilt, apart from their kilt hose and kilt shoes?

Do men wear anything under the kilt?

That is probably the most frequently asked question regarding the kilt that I have ever heard.

Well let me give you my personal answer, obviously I can only talk for myself, and that answer is a definite NO

A classic joke on this theme goes something like this, a rather well dressed lady asks a Scotsman "what's worn under your kilt" to which he replies "nothing madam it's all in perfect working order".

The origins of whether anything is worn underneath are of course shrouded in history. It is certainly true that Highlanders hundreds of years ago had no need for undergarments.

And as department stores had not yet been invented they could not just nip in to buy a pair when their mother-in-law was coming over to dinner.

In fact it is documented that Highland clansmen actually removed their kilts before going into battle, their long tunic/shirt no doubt covering their modesty.

In modern language not wearing anything below the kilt is often referred to as going "Commando" or "Regimental", both terms have their roots in military tradition.

Traditionally Scottish Regiments did not wear anything below the kilt, and when on the parade ground a soldier would randomly be asked to stand at ease, so that the drill instructor, who carried a long stick with a mirror on the end could verify that he was correctly dressed.

Although there is huge demand for photographic evidence of what is, or indeed is not worn under kilts, the fact that this is a family web-site which my seven year old daughter Kimberly occasionally looks at.

She wants to know why daddy spends so much time in his office building the internet (as she calls it) and not playing with her.

So no there won't be any pictures, suffice to say every man has to make his own decision.

Ok Ok then just one, to prove once and for all what is under a Scotsman's kilt, Kimberly has given her approval so here is the photographic evidence to end all the speculation.

what men wear under the kilt

So Here's What's Under The Kilt

A good example of when underwear is always worn is at the Highland Games, where the athletes will put shorts on under their kilts, also Scottish and Irish country dancers are required to do so when in competition.

It is also noted that in certain countries it would be considered inappropriate not to wear anything underneath, and of course these laws or customs should be respected.

So I hope this page finally answers your questions on this topic, but if you still have any, please feel free to contact me using the Contact Us page, I will be more than happy to help.


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