Tales of the Kilt

by Heather
(Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA)

My husband and I both purchased kilts in Scotland two years ago (mine is a long, "evening" or kilted skirt, actually). We typically wear these for special events. In fact, we'll wear them to church this evening for Christmas Eve services.

Whenever my husband wears his, it draws a lot of attention. While we live in an American city that is ethnically diverse, it's not every day you see a man in a kilt here! Two stories:

Our good friend was waiting for us to come down for dinner (we were staying at a B&B), and when my husband came down the stairs wearing his kilt, Craig said "are you wearing THAT?", and then proceeded to pretend to flirt with my husband all night because he was wearing a "skirt". Too funny.

He wore it to a fancy dress ball about a year ago, and unsurprisingly, was the only man in a kilt. He was the center of attention all evening (especially from the ladies). He danced more that evening that he has in the almost 17 years we've been married! I think he enjoys the attention. And, he has great legs for wearing a kilt!

Finally, we got our kilts in the tartans of our grandmothers--Taylor Ancient for him, and Russell Ancient for me. I plan to purchase a Welsh kilt for myself in my Welsh tartan in the near future. They are warm, practical, and interesting!

Nice website--thanks for sharing the information!

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Two Tales of the Kilt
by: David

Thank you Heather for a most interesting, and enjoyable submission, perhaps when you find time you could send me a photo to accompany your article.

I trust you and your husband will continue to wear your kilts in good health, for many years to come.

And that he will continue to enjoy all the extra attention from the ladies, while wearing his kilt.

I know that I do!

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