Roderick Powell U.K.

I would like to respond to the Elusive Forbes story.

It is believed that I may wear the Forbes Tartan as one of the Tartans associated with one of my own family names, I already owned three Kilts.

I was searching through the Military Kilts for sale from a leading British Government Surplus Store and found a Liverpool Scottish unused Kilt for sale giving the military sizing as my size for a Kilt.

I ordered the Kilt and the garment was delivered the following day. This Kilt is probably 20 oz and is the correct fit for me with the hem correctly positioned at the top of my knee cap.

The NATO sizing is on the label giving the manufacturer as Gordons of Glasgow. The Green ,Black, and Blue Tartan is pleated to the White Stripe.

This Kilt is the heaviest of my four Kilts and is delightfully warm and comfortable to wear correctly in the traditional manner of a true Scotsman, with the heavy pleats just swinging in the breeze.

With the demise of the Liverpool Scottish Regiment in the 1990's I would suggest that this military Kilt was manufactured at least twenty years ago.

I can confirm that this beautiful Kilt feels entirely different to wear than my lighter weight Kilts, the oldest of which I have been wearing for thirty five years.....Roderick

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Forbes Tartan Liverpool Scottish Regiment
by: RoderickPowell

Colin , Following my visit to Scotland the suggestion is that my M.O.D.issue Forbes Tartan Military Kilt in 5 ft 3 ins height and 30 ins waist would have been on issue for a fourteen year old boy soldier recruit who would have served as a drummer boy with the Regiment.
We have to remember that my Information is that this regiment was a Self Funding Territorial Unit.
The suggestion is that the Man Power of the Unit were Professional Gentlemen and sections of the Regiment may have been seconded to other Highland Regiments for their specialist skills.

The reference to the lack of a pouch on the back of my Gordon Highlanders' Horse Hair Sporran was also seen in a similar exibit in Gordon Highlanders Museum at Fort George.
I hope I have the correct Museum.
The possible reason for the lack of pouch in both cases may have been due to the deterioration of the leather due to age.
However my strap did not appear to have been surved with Blanko, so mine may have had a replacement Strap.
Two sightings of Kilted Royal Regiment of Scotland Soldiers this week may suggest that a Horse Hair Sporran is still worn for walking out in Number One Dress or by Duty Officers.
I regret admit this post may be a bit muddled but I am passing comment on my observations and Experts' conclusions. Kiltiekid....23.6.16.

Forbes Kilt Liverpool Scottish.
by: Anonymous

At some point presumably just pre WWi the Kaki Kilt apron was added with a pouch pocket at the front.
By google searches there are plenty of Photos of the early regiment in action photos.

One thing of relevance to the manner in which I wear my Kilts is that I wear The Kilt full time out of doors, going to my Country Village and walking the cliffs.

The Kilt is a practical garment for this type of wear, and the popularity is restricted by the Initial cost.

I wore my first Kilt for thirty five years and is a dress Kilt worn for dancing every week.

The heavier Kilts were added to my collection for full time wear in the Winter.

I went for a four hour cliff walk on Xmas Day.
I only wore my Nylon Inverness Cape for a couple of hours in drizzle. Kiltiekid ...11.6.16

Forbes Kilt.
by: Anonymous

Colin, the Kilt is a really beautiful garment.
The Tartan is Black and Blue and Green, with the White Stripe en every pleat.

I was just lucky to find The Kilt by Googling Military Regimental Kilts for Sale.

I can now get white spats and a horse hair pipers sporran.

My current Gordon Highlanders Pipers Sporran is so old It has lost the pouch on the back of the main body of the Sporran.

Some where I have a photo of me wearing this sporran and my thirty five year old Anchient Mackay, Standing beside a war issue Diamond T Tank Transporter ballast tractor.

My father was out there when they needed them ,

Following the convoys of Diamond T ' s Between Basra and the Russian Front.

Can you imagine the noise a 70 ton rig made going up though the mountain passes foll by a Scammel Wrecker unit and a Mobile Workshop

FForbes Tartan Liverpool Scottish Regiment
by: Kiltiekid

Colin, have you googled Liverpool Scottish ?

I am visiting STIRLING CASTLE NEXT WEEK FOR A GUIDED TOUR WITH A GENTLEMAN WHO WAS AN N.C.O TRAINING THE NATIONAL SERVICE RECRUITS .18 YEARS OLD TO WEAR THEIR Kilts correctly in the traditional manner and send their personal underwear home with their civy clothes wrapped up in a brown paper parcel.
If the recruit failed the Regimental Sargent Majors Kilt Inspection , my friend would get it in the neck and get a good ear bashing for not doing his job.

I am talking about 1959...1960. as National service Intake for training ceased in November 1960.

He would have been 21 years of age at the time.

We will both be wearing our Military Regimental Kilts. Mine must be 20 years old.
I do not have Disbanding Date for Liverpool Scottish. 1990's....?
...Roderick ...Cornwall .U.K

Forbes kilt
by: Colin Langeveld

Hello Roderick,
It appears you have acquired the regimental kilt of the Liverpool Scottish with whom I once served. The reason for the thickness of the kilt is that it was meant to be worn on active duty ( in the muddy trenches of WWI). Glad to hear you enjoy wearing it sir.

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