Proudly kilted

by Jean Michel PLATEN

Burns night in Chamonix January 2009

Burns night in Chamonix January 2009

Oh ! it's very simple in fact!
In 1971, I was willing to come up to Scotland, in the Inverness area precisely and I'd been put in touch via the commun gaedeleach with a master piper, Willie M.MacDonald who used to live in Inverness.

We became friends and complices, as I'm also a piper since 1969.

And one day, as I told Willie that I'd like to wear the Highland garb, Willie told me that he would allow me to wear either MacDonald tartan (his father's) or Munro tartan (his mother's family's), I soon opted for Munro and am very proud to wear it, thinking to Willie who left us in 2003.

Willie was my master of mind in piping and brought me the spirit of Ceol, that made me to improve and refine my piping until the solo competitions in Brittany of which I'm from.

Until now, I've played in many events, given recitals and conferences and also taught a fair number of pupils, I carry on and piping holds a great place in may life, that's more than music, it is...a philosophy, I'm so proud to convey that so specific culture abroad, and for wear the brechan and to feel so rich and serene !

That's all folk and that's not nothing already !

Jean Michel

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by: mike burton

Hi Jean Michel,
How long did it take you to at least to play something?

I have checked here in Finland, it seems there are no pipers in Finland, although last year a guy was playing in Helsinki on the street.

I think people paid him to move on (just joking).

Where do you practice? I bet your neighbours are pleased you live close to them.

answers to Mike and Robert
by: Anonymous

Hey Mike !, in my comment I said I am from Brittany and for sure, I learned with a teacher, pipes are too complex for a guy to be fool enough to tackle them by his own, so !
Robert, my tartan is the Bute range from Marton mills and is the Black watch DA, darker and smaller sett
Thanks for your very kind words about me, next to see you all up there

Cheers to you both lads !
Jean Mi

replying to the comment
by: mike burton

Greetings from a chilly Finland our first snow has arrived which will put wearing my kilt off for a while.

Thanks for taking the trouble to write to me,I have always wanted to play the pipes, I used to sing Scottish folk songs in England when I lived there but I contracted mumps when I was 16 with the result my hearing gradually disappeared, I have since had a cochlear implant and my hearing is back to 99%of a normal hearing person.

How did you manage to learn, did you have a teacher or did you teach yourself?,and is it very difficult?

If I were to start and play the pipes here, everyone would move to Helsinki.

This is a very good way to meet or converse with likewise minded kilt enthusiast,
Hope to hear from you again.


A very nice person and true gentleman
by: Anonymous

Jean-Michel is a great person to know.

I take immense pleasure in talking with him for hours !

Dear Jean-Michel, Show us your Black Watch Double Box Pleated Kilt. Post a picture !

Tell us about the special sett you got from Marton Mills !


Robert Amyot

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