My First Kilt will be my last!

by Martin Hannah

My Ferguson Tartan Kilt

My Ferguson Tartan Kilt

As a Scotsman I have always wanted to own a kilt of my own instead of hiring the generic tartan ones you often see at weddings.

My problem was that living in Australia, I had emigrated a few years earlier, meant that nipping down to the local kilt shop was a bit difficult.

In 1997 I finally had my chance when my wife and I took a trip back to Scotland and there I discovered there is a lot more to owning a kilt than you would believe.

First of all you have to decide the depth of the kilt pleat...oh woe was me...I had no idea.
secondly as a Ferguson I thought...well get the Ferguson tartan what could be easier....oh no...did I want dress or everyday wear did I want this or that...and also the colours varied...sheesh....there is a lot to this kilt business you know.

Ok hurdles one and two were eventually overcome when hurdle three loomed...what was I going to wear with the kilt and was it going to be day wear or evening wear. Eventually I overcame that and went for the Bonnie Prince Charlie jacket with the trimmings. Now I reckon I am on the home straight when the wee man whom I now considered to be my jockey informed me that the kilt could be lightweight or heavy for the seasons don't you know.

After all this and lightening my wallet by a fair sum, always painful for a Scotsman I was measured and found to be worthy of the kilt which I was told would be sent to Australia as it would take several weeks to make.

You will never believe this but about two months later I had a letter from customs informing me that they had detained my kilt in Brisbane and should I wish it then I had to part with several hundred dollars in duty.

So all in all a very laborious and expensive experience but the day I wore it to an Australian wedding I was cock o' the walk and every hurdle along the way was worth the aggravation and I would do it all again.

I will be submitting a photo just as soon as I can get to grips with scanning into the computer etc.

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Mr.Hannah/Aussie kilts/ Research
by: "Kilted Tailor"

Readers; After reading Mr, Hannah story of the Scots kilt sent to AussieLand, I took a quick Google of Australian Kilt Makers. Seems there are a few out there, after all!
Hence, Mr. Hannah can buy another kilt without the 'legal extortion' of dutys, fees ect.
Which brings up a very valid point, one which this medium is but one answer. BUYERS OF KILTS; DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST! You do need to spend a few hours surfing the web, reading what the Pros have to say, learn what to buy, and all the details, before you spend a Penny. This writer buys his kilts here in the USofA or Canada(which is not a duty, fee problem nation). A kilt need not be made in Alba to be a 'real kilt', as long it is made correctly.
A 'bravo' to the Editor of this Forum.
Kilted Tailor

Import Charges
by: Kilted Scot

Just had a similar experience. Purchased the full highland outfit ($1200) in UK March 2012, currently awaiting delivery.
Last week heard from Australian Customs - now had invoice for $365, GST, Import and management fees.

So beware of importing goods.

by: Kiltie12

I hope it won't be the last time you wear the that price.. Maybe some smart Scotsman might have the sense to start up a kilt makers there. I wonder what they do for the other tartans. There are Australian and New Zealand tartans and of course more pipe bands in Sydney than you can shake a stick at.

Absolutely Brilliant
by: David

As the owner of this web site, I just want to say that this submission by Martin Hannah is exactly what I had hoped for.Thank you for taking the time to submit.

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