I am a Cornishman who will be 90 years of age this month (November) and am Celtic. Both sides of my family go back hundreds of years.I wear Cornish tartan kilts and bring a bit of Cornwall to Lancashire.

Because I wear a kilt lots of people say I look smart and stop to have a chat with me. Had I worn trousers people would pass me by but wearing a kilt makes a world of difference and people are much nicer.

Most people take me for being Scottish so in a way I have the honour to represent Scotland.

Recently I travelled to Edinburgh by train where a young woman took a photo of me and when I arrived in Edinburgh there were many thousands of people all over the place but I was the only one wearing a kilt. One man put his hand on my shoulder and said " A true Scotsman"

I love wearing a kilt which is warm even when the weather is cold and in hot weather the kilt is cool.
Preston Thomas

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