Mike Burton At Three Years Old

by Mike Burton
(Jokela Finland)

Mike, Three Years Old

Mike, Three Years Old

When I was three my mother dressed me in my first kilt, I have worn a kilt for 60 years or so.

As I am going to a wedding in 2 months I tried my kilt on and found it has either shrunk or my tummy has grown, so a new kilt is on the cards.

I have ordered a new one from Glasgow, and if it lasts as long as the first one it is a good buy.

Mind you I do not think I will last as long, but I digress.

My son when he graduated from Finnish high school wore my kilt, but his partner was not pleased as she asked him to sit somewhere else, as people would look at him and not her.

He wore it afterwards wearing a t shirt boots and kilt, and was very popular with the ladies.

Which shows you can wear anything with a kilt, and it is accepted.

I have worn my kilt in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Finland and Denmark with no problems whatsoever.

It is a great ice breaker, the problem with Finland is in the winter it is -20, and in the summer the mossies nibble in funny places.

Mike Burton, 6/3/2010

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Mike Burton at Three Years Old
by: Roderick Powell

I love the photo of Mike in his Kilt at Three Years old. He is wearing his Kilt casually without any acessories.
Perhaps this is the way the True Traditional Scottish Kilt should be worn today as a casual fashion item of clothing.
...........Roderick Powell...17.7.16

Mike's First Kilt
by: David

Thank you Mike for Providing my web site with such a fabulous photo, you must be very proud of it.

I am certainly honored to be allowed to feature it, along with the article which I enjoyed reading.

And yes as you say, the kilt is indeed a very versatile garment.

Thank you for your contribution.

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