Michael Burton

by michael burton
(heinola finland)

my wedding  photo

my wedding photo

Mike Burton,

The last time I sent a blog I was contemplating purchasing a new kilt, this I did, since then I have remarried so it has had three outings already.

This is an ancient Mckenzie, but it has more blue than my old kilt. I now have to order a day jacket because one is a bit overdressed wearing evening wear during the day.

In Finland one gets sideways looks, they are curious but will not say anything as they are mostly shy, but it does break the ice quickly.

Today the first winter snow has arrived so I do not think I will be wearing my kilt outdoors for a while.

I used to wear it whilst working as a shepherd and it was easy to wear, but in Scotland with all the rain it would take one day to wear and two-three days to dry out.

I was working in the southwest of Scotland and I had more comments from the locals than anywhere else.

I saw very few people there wearing kilts.

Hope you enjoy my comments, wear a kilt as often as possible and do not give a toss what people think or say, they are mostly jealous anyway.

Mike Burton.

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Answer to Mike BURTON
by: Jean michel PLATEN

Hi Mike !

I absolutely agree with you, when you say that wearing the kilt is a personal affair.

I personally wear it when I can and wish and don't mind anybody else's opinion, that's only a question of taste.

I had a new kilt made by a friend, she's dwelling in France and is a very fine tailor, my kilt is like a glove, so comfortable, and she uses the process of setting the left strap inside, that makes it invisible, doesn't wear the fabric, and is nice wearing, she also uses only one strap to close the apron on the right side,
that doesn't pull the fabric to much, really, a second strap at that place is not needed.

Oh yes ! I've forgotten to tell you that I've been playing the pipes since 1969, being from Brittany, I've always had a strong link with Scotland, you can see my kilt story to know more about me

Jean Michel

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