Man in Kilt

by Daniel R. Wolfe
(Allentown, PA.)

Man in Kilt

Man in Kilt

How often do you see a man in a kilt in your area?

Kilts are gaining in popularity all over the world, but that doesn't mean that some people aren't still surprised when they see one.

This is Daniel's account of the reactions he gets from people while wearing his kilt.

This story is about a few events that I have attended wearing my kilt. The first one was my families labor day picnic.

When I first got there I was asked why I was wearing a skirt.

I stated that it was a kilt, and not a skirt.

The evening went on okay and then my cousin came and said to me, "Whats' with the kilt? where are your bagpipes?"

I said not all people wearing kilts play the bagpipes. I am wearing the kilt in honor of my heritage.

I then went to the supermarket to get some things.

When I came to the checkout I was asked the same thing. "Where are the bagpipes?" I shook my head and said not everyone uses bagpipes.

I also wear it to events that I help out with on a regular basis.

One event I wore the kilt to was known as Pride. It is an event that gay and lesbian people go to and have fun.

I was there with our animal rescue group to educate people on the many aspects of cats. One example being the importance of spaying/neutering cats.

I was walking around and noticed people giving me looks. I was thinking to myself, of all places for people to judge someone.

I am sure that no matter where I go I will be looked at differently.

I am okay with that, and it will not discourage me from wearing my kilt to other events.

So Daniel has become confident and comfortable as a man in a kilt.

I hope his experiences will encourage you to wear your kilt, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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The Celtic Way
by: Roderick Powell

The Celtic Way. I have been wearing the Kilt for over thirty five years and for the past year I have been doing amateur research work on the Kilt and the Celtic Nations. My work is becoming brurred as more published research books come to light which may or may not agree with previously seen information.
Many years ago I visited A Fishermens Mission in Brittany and saw a map on the wall of La Grande Bretagne and La Petite Bretagne.
These areas were respectively ; Scotland, Ireland , Wales and Cornwall .
La Petite Bretagne was Brittany.There was no mention of either England or France.
It has been suggested that the Celts came down the river Daneube from an unknown scource some five hundred years before the Romans invaded England.
Then the Anglo Saxons invaded England.
It has been suggested that the Vikings started raiding and settling in the above Celtic Lands in about 700 A D.
The Vikings Settled in Scotland, the Northern Islands , Wales , Ireland , North Cornwall ,Brittany and Navigated as far west as Maine in North America .
I am cutting this history of Migration of the
Celts off at 1500 A D.
So where did the Kilt wearers come from ?
One of my recently acquired reference books, published some fifty years ago , contradicts the general history of the Kilt as we know it !
...Roderick Powell...16.7.16

Welcome to the clan of U.S. men in kilts
by: celticlily

You are right to be a proud member of the U.S. clan of men in kilts. There aren't many of them, but they do exist. I live in West Michigan and I want you to know that one of our local male librarians, very proud of his Scotch Irish heritage, used to wear a kilt everyday to work until the head of all library services told him it was unprofessional and made him stop. I wrote a letter in our librarian's defense and attempted to educate the head of library services that the wearing of the kilt is considered professional dress in Scotland. (Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful.) Sadly, our library has lost some of its charm and originality as a result. This librarian is married to an elementary school teacher and he frequently visits her class, in his kilt, to read to the children. The kids LOVE it! They are full of questions and they learn about a different culture. To close, I am sending you a link to a free pattern for kilt hose with pictures of another American male proudly wearing the kilt. Enjoy!

Best wishes,


Keep up the good work.
by: John Reece

Hi Daniel,

Congratulations on your good work in promoting the kilt [or cilt as we spell it in Wales(UK)] Keep up the good work.

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