Life in a kilt.

by Ken

Hi my kilt story is as follows.

Born in 1942, my aunts owned a baby linen shop.

Father was in the Royal Navy, my mother stayed with my aunts.

This lead to me becoming a model for their clothing sold.

When one would say out of nappies the kilt was made for me to model rather that siren suite was also used for air raids shelter life.

School was a private one and a class of thirty five boys, a number wore the kilt.

As the apron (i.e. front flap could be right hand side for boys, left for girls thus both could be kilted in the same kilt with an added buckle.

For the next twelve years at school the kilt was preferred to short trousers up to say fourteen years old.

Most of my life I would have a kilt for formal and Sunday best rather than school uniform.

Also I was the Sunday school teacher for boarding house thirty five kilted boys each Sunday in team.

Now at seventy five have revered to the kilt every day, one found the prostrate problems meant the combination of air circulation saved the five pairs of pants daily.

When I retired form electrical engineering you will find you become a nobody. This led to me returning to college to learn and make kilts.
Every Friday.- Thirteen young ladies and ME for a year. This has given me a steady hobby and pocket money.


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