kilts are wonderful

by R.W.Hewlett

Are kilts wonderful? well, you have to wear one to find out. When I was 10yrs old scouts came to where I lived to camp in the summer.

Hundreds of boys in kilts was more than I could bear, I wanted one. In my teens my treking partner in venture scouts had a kilt from his granny, which he duly wore on our outings.

I was truly smitten when he let me put it on.

I had to wait a few more years when I moved to Richmond, Surrey. It was here that I first was able to wear a kilt just for me.

I was sort of adopted by a Scots couple in Richmond, they took me under their wing. He was a scout commissioner and wore his kilt on his visits.

By the time I arrived he had outgrown his kilt. I found it in his wardrobe, just waiting for me. He allowed me to try it on, it was a perfect fit.

From then on it was mine so long as I wore it.

I used to wear it on holidays with this couple, I wore nothing else for the whole holiday. I was able to have that kilt for about 11yrs.

Naturally I wanted another one, and my late mother in law encouraged me to get one.

Now I have 14 kilts 3 are for best, lovely heavy kilts with a great swing, super for dancing, Scottish country dancing that is.

The others are a selection of what they call casual kilts, some 5yds but mostly the full 8yds.

Come-rain or shine, wind or no you will find me in a kilt.

Wonderful, the answer must be YES !!!

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Modesty is not really an issue
by: Anonymous

I wear kilts about 25 hours a week, most everywhere except to work (in a church) but even there I wear a gown as a high-church organist musician.

In the last 2,500 hours of kilt wearing, I am aware that just one woman got a quick glimpse of what I don't wear under the kilt. And honestly, I didn't make it hard for her to view -- nor did she wilt or faint afterwards.

All these fears and teases about immodesty are just that. Nothing to fear.

I'm a fan
by: Anonymous

Been wearing kilts to events & as often as possible in my free time. Shoulda started years ago!
Often go hiking in a kilt. Little kids sometimes stare & their parents explain with a a look of approval in my direction.
One time while visiting a convenience store on the pretty cashier said "NICE KILT!" before I'd got 3 steps in the door...

Scouts and Kilts
by: Brian

I was brought up in Elgin in Scotland in the '50 and went to my first scout camp near Glasgow in my kilt. It was often quite usual for young lads aged 12 - 16 to wear green or blue girls shool knickers below their kilt to ensure modesty. On parade the first morning 5 knicker wearing "sissies" were grabbed, our legs were put up in the air and the knickers were ceremoniously cut off using a skeagn dhu. Great viewing while fighting off the grabbers but since that day, I have never worn anything below my kilt. Boys will be boys and we all live and learn! Being regimental appears to be the male way to go.

Good to read
by: Pam H. Shelton

I feel really fortunate to have used your webpage and look forward to so many more fun moments reading here. Thanks a lot again for a lot of things.

Kilts are Freedom
by: Jerry

Living next to the Pacific Ocean only a stones throw from my house, I wear a Kilt during the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Last week I was pruning the grape vines on both sides of the stairs leading to the creek and a gentle breeze kept me cool as the day was hot for this time of year. Nothing and I mean nothing is a comfortable as a Kilt.

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