Kilted in a Red neck bar...LOL

by Stan Lackey
(Sapulpa, OK.)

Jaguar club of Tulsa board members.

Jaguar club of Tulsa board members.

This is a photo of me in my new Black Watch tartan kilt in the bar at a Jag club dinner.

It was fun, and interestingly enough I didn't get one comment from anyone at the restaurant, even thought it was a country western restaurant / bar.

It's called the "Go West" (and a great restaurant I might add) and when you arrive it looks like one of the requirements to eating there is to drive a pickup truck. Sure, it's a bit of a high end CW place, but a redneck is still a red neck...LOL...

This event was the Jaguar club of Tulsa instillation dinner, and as it's organizer I was going to arrive about a 1/2 hour early.

While I was at home preparing to go to a CW bar in a kilt, I was thinking WTF's wrong with me? I'm going to wear a kilt to a CW place?

Geeeezzzzz...LOL..LOL..Then I just said, SCREW that, I don't have any anxiety about this deal that a shot of tequila can't solve, and you know what? sure enough, that two fingers of tequila about an hour before departure was the cure. As my self prescribed elixir began to kick in, my prospective on the whole deal began to change too.

By the time I arrived at the restaurant (and without question safe to drive after taking the elixir) I felt like I was channeling Mel Gibson, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Shaun Connery, all rolled into one. I was wearing my new 16 oz. 8 yard black watch kilt, felt great, and so the closer I go to the door the taller I walked.

Ya, I saw all the pick ups in the parking lot (king ranches, so they were "dude" trucks) and thought "hell I'm getting ready to walk into a CW bar wearing a kilt, and damn proud of it". I didn't figure any one in there was probably man enough to wear a kilt, and so they probably weren't going to mess with (possibly) "this man named Sue"(Johnny cash song reference) either...LOL...

Needless to say, all went great. It was my goal to add a bit of fun to the club function (I think that did), have a great time (I did) and see just how much of a kilt guy I really am, and I did that too.

So, as I continue to wear one of my kilts to different locations and events, I must say that the anxiety (any anxiety) about kilt wearing is really starting to wear off. I'm also finding out that a kilt seems to be accepted in all the places that I've gone, and while I haven't received many "side ways" glances, I HAVE experienced a lot of (I'll just say) alluring and admiring looks, along with several nice comments about my kilt, and about "being kilted".

In an effort to desensitize myself about kilt wearing (something that I shouldn't be anxious about any way), I've decided to make all Fridays kilt day. It will be interesting to see how long that lasts...LOL..

So, I just thought that I'd give you something to look at, and have fun with.

Have a great day, and (something that I never seem to remember) have some fun today!!

Stan (Mac) Lackey

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Just relax when wearing a kilt
by: Ian Dawson

An interesting story and nice that you had no problems. Im in Scotland and although, like Roderick, I dont meet many kilties here when out iy doesnt turn many heads when I am. It fetches a lot of comments mainly that its great to see a man in a kilt and thats from both men and women. My secret after wearing kilts since I was 6years old and wearing one to school through my primary years is that you just need to relax when you are wearing a kilt. Its perfectly normal to wear what you want nowadays and a kilts is in my opinion a really smart and useful item of clothing for a man. Good luck with your kilt wearing .

Kilted in a Red Neck Bar
by: Roderick

Great Story. My comments from the U.K. are that one is unlikely to see another Kiltie whilst you are wearing the Kilt.

I only have embarrassing questions one or twice a year.

If you wish to wear the Kilt just make sure you know what you are doing and go for it


Kilt wearing
by: Anonymous

I wear a kilt every day I have worn the kilt in every situation and have never had any hassle in the 60years I have worn the kilt all over the world Tam Blackwood

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