Full kilt outfit incorporating the Forbes Fly Plaid

by Colin Langeveld
(Liverpool, England)

Colin wearing his new Forbes fly plaid

Colin wearing his new Forbes fly plaid

A full kilt outfit, when worn to a formal occasion will often include a fly plaid.

Colin who is an avid contributor to the web site, has been generous enough to share the following account of how he came to be the proud owner of a fly plaid, which completes his full kilt outfit.

The Forbes fly plaid

Whenever I have some time to spare, I spend it surveying Scottish items for sale on Ebay.

Imagine my delight when I came upon a fly plaid in the Forbes tartan.

Some time ago I had acquired a fly plaid brooch, and as it was just sitting there doing nothing I decided to make a bid on Ebay.

This plaid was in Modern Forbes, whereas The Liverpool Scottish (my old regiment) is the M.O.D, a slightly darker version.

However I was pleasantly surprised to find the difference not too noticeable.

I took the plunge and wore it at the Duke of Lancaster's Regimental Association 5th Anniversary Ball(platoon of Liverpool Scottish are included in the regiment).

There was no need for trepidation, as the only comments I received on the night were that of admiration.

I can well believe Colin, that your newly acquired
fly plaid in your beloved Forbes tartan received many positive comments.

And may I say, it completes your full kilt outfit beautifully.

You are a wonderful ambassador for the kilt, and I am grateful for the many articles you have submitted to my website, and I know your fellow visitors are grateful also.

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Beautiful kilt
by: Nadzeya Adamenko

I'm glad for the Scots that they have such beautiful clothes - kilt!

Forbes Plaid
by: Anonymous

Colin thanks for clarifying the variations in the Forbes Tartan. As far as I can remember there were probably 6 tartans.
My point now is that if the founder of the Liverpool Scottish regiment was a Forbes Did he redesign another darker tartan for his regiment ?
My Regimental Tartan is very dark and the blue hardly shows. However the way the Tartan is pleated to the white stripe on the pleats, the rear of the Kilt shows thirty odd white stripes.
One of the issues is that it was easy for the enemy to see there was a different uniform on the front if the troops were not wearing their Kaki Kilt Aprons.

However If a sniper looks for a dark tartan Kilt
and his target turns away he has lost the correct
outline of his target with the change of colour of his kilt.
I am now looking at a complicated psycology of perception.
However as a smart ceremonial Kilt the change in colour from the front apron to the pleats the effect is outstanding.
If the Kilt is swinging the rear view changes from green to white so a target is persistently lost as a definitive colour.
The bottom line is ,when was the tartan designed and introduced as part of a military uniform ?

Forbes Fly Plaid
by: John Reece

Yes that looks great Colin.

I've often hankered after my own (Rees od Wales0 Plaid, but I would wear it so infrequently that it wouldn't be worth spending £200 - £300 on one.

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