First Timer

by Adam
(Johnson City New York USA.)

A quick snapshot of me in my Ireland National tartan kilt

A quick snapshot of me in my Ireland National tartan kilt

I'm an Irish American and for as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a kilt.

I wear my Irish shirts and hats and what not for ST. Patric's day, but I wanted to show my Celtic pride in a stronger way.

So this past November I finally got a kilt in the Ireland national tartan.

When I first put it on I was thinking that it was a bit scary to wear in public, because here in the USA its still one of those things that gets you stared at funny (guys call them skirts here).

But then i heard that a local Irish pub has a kilt night every 2nd Saturday.

so I thought that would be a perfect kilt initiation for me to be around others in kilts .

I was nervous the whole way there, and I walked in the door and felt like a deer in the headlights for the first 10 minutes.

Then I saw the 6 guys in kilts, and one of them was eye balling me, he walked over and invited me over to the group of kilted guys.

He said something I'll never forget, he said "you're wearing a kilt you are one of us now and you will love wearing a kilt", then something clicked in my head and I was not uncomfortable any more and enjoyed the whole night.

But after that night I found myself wanting to wear a kilt more often.

There is only one of my family clans that has a tartan (Murphy), but there are all the family county and district tartans that I want to get kilts in.

I designed tartans for my Irish families that don't have tartans, and now I want to make kilts.

Kilts ended up spreading like a wild fire for me and I'm loving it.

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First timing
by: Richard. In Yorkshire England

I'm a 55 year old living in Yorkshire, although originally from the Scottish Borders. We moved here in the 60's with my fathers employment and I met my first wife and settled here.
When I met my new partner a few years ago, she encouraged me to take more interest in my Scottish nationality, which is a subject that's always been close to my heart.
I always longed to have a kilt when I was a boy in Scotland, but money was tight in those days and how I envied those of my family and friends who did.
So after the interest from my new partner I bought a kilt and a reasonable wardrobe to go with it.
Yes I was nervous to be in public at first, but I was pleased by the positive reception I got, here in Yorkshire.
Anyway a few years on now and when we go out for a meal, usually in York she always insists on me being in a kilt, she says that I'm never as well dressed in trousers.
And just to end my story - She's never tried to see what, if anything I wear under my kilt. She says she loves the mystery of not knowing.

Kilt wearers
by: Anonymous

Come join everyone at! It's an awesome community of kilt wearers and makers and everything!

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