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Kilts here in France and western places
by: rinfrance

I have worn a kilt virtually all the time here in France using the cheap polyviscose, easy care ones and have now several in various states of wear.

I live near Chateaubriant and have done so for 9 years.

I see many comments about kilts and what is under them, however I usually wear underwear and in fact wear an underkilt.

There are many rumours about what is worn under a kilt, however, normally for others embarrassment and in accordance with military tradition in mixed, or potentially mixed company men's underwear should be worn.

In fact if you get the right sort of underwear its a sight more comfortable.

In days of yore the shirt tails were brought from behind through the legs and held in place by the belt at the front effectively making underwear.

That goes back many years like 200!!

OK so women only started wearing knickers some 100 years ago, but then their dresses came down to their heels.

Anyway the kilt was worn here some 100 years ago and in fact the fishermen used to wear it with the old wool that was waterproof very scratchy, oily and frequently dirty, but it was good for the fishing baskets.

They were worn both in North west Spain and Northwest France.

An old guy, now long since past on said that at the beginning of the first world war many Brittanique volunteers were in kilts, given trousers as they joined and after the war just did not go back due to poor wool, ie not strong, not waterproof and so on. He also said they were of no tartan, just a gray worsted.

My answer to Colin
by: Gurvan COUAPEL

Dear Colin,
thanks ever so much for your comment. I know my kilt hasn't got the same history as yours has (I read your post about Hooge day), but be sure I'll always do everything necessary to make my kilt worthy of respect (the motto of Brittany which one can read on my kilt pin goes "never soiled").

While reading your post, I felt you pride upon wearing your kilt, I am sure you guessed how proud I am too.

Thank you again for your "parade inspection", I will nevertheless try and publish a better picture as soon as possible for you and others to take a closer look.


Tartan Pride
by: Colin Langeveld

What a joy it is to hear of Gurvan?s delight upon acquiring his Charlie jacket, brings back memories of the day I purchased mine.

As far as I can see, he has passed "parade inspection". My salutations to him.

If only there where more occasions for me to don my kit.

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