A Clan Macgregor kilt and a Thanksgiving day to remember

by Stan Lackey
(Sapulpa, OK.)

Thanks giving day

Thanks giving day

The latest submission to the website is from a man who is proud to be associated with the Macgregor clan.

So much so that when he decided to buy his first kilt, he had no doubt that he wanted it made in the Macgregor tartan.

So read on to find out the effect his kilt has had on him.

OK, so here’s the stats. I’m 59, this is my first kilt, and with a last name of Lackey my family’s heritage can claim association with the Macgregor clan.

My kilt purchase started off as a result of a conversation at a car club breakfast.

I’m a member of a car club, and once a month we have a club breakfast.

Two of the clubs members a husband and wife, are also members of the Tulsa German club, and occasionally my friend Don Write would come to breakfast wearing lederhosen.

One Saturday morning while at a club breakfast, I asked Don, how come he was always wearing those things to breakfast, and he just laughed, and said that as a member of the Tulsa German club, it was just his thing.

I took his reply in the spirit it was given, and laughingly I replied, “Well my family’s of Scottish heritage, and so maybe someday I’ll just start showing up in a kilt!”. And that’s how all my kilt stuff got started.

I bought my kilt, in the Macgregor modern tartan, my sporran, kilt hose, and flashes online. I bought my kilt belt and Sgian Dubh hose knife at the Tulsa Scottish festival.

I actually ended up buying two kilts.

When I ordered the first one I didn’t read about how to measure for a kilt, and so I just went by my pant size.

When I ordered the second kilt it fitted great, and my other kilt the first one that I purchased is now going to be a Christmas gift for my 27 year old nephew.

As the purchases for my new outfit came in it was interesting to see my Highland outfit coming together, and while my enthusiasm started to grow with each new arrival, it also seemed that my anxiety did as well.

I liked the idea of a kilt, and I was certainly proud of my Scottish heritage.

But not being a member any Scottish club, an easy fix or knowing any other kilt wearers, I was pretty sure that when I made my kilted début, it was going to be solo, and probably around a fair number of less than accepting people.

Over about a two month period I was able to acquire all the items needed for as full a set up.

In that time I’d also come to understand the difference between certain weights of tartan fabrics, and the difference between a 5 yard kilt, and an 8 yard kilt.

I also found out about things like gillie shirts, and prince Charlie outfits. I seemed to supplement my anticipation of each arrival by watching a few you tube videos on how to wear a kilt.

I thought it was interesting how many instructional videos there actually are on the internet regarding kilts, and about how to wear a kilt.

Certainly at least for me an indication of just how much interest there REALLY is in kilt wearing.

I’ve become partial to one you tube video produced by Macgregor and MacDuff. I’m guessing that in addition to liking the name Macgregor I’m also a fan of the young lady who is the narrator. I like her look as well as her soft Scottish brogue, and manner.

Tips for first timers.

Even if you’re a bit anxious on your first outing, and I certainly was, just walk tall.

And be sure to remember and know that it takes a REAL MAN to wear a kilt.

I suspect that for you like it was for myself,
most of the apprehension that you may be feeling about your first kilted outing, will start to rapidly fade when the first lady of many actually takes the time to walk over to you and tell you how much they LOVE your kilt.

I know that when I was walking over to the bar in the country club where my friends and I were having Thanks Giving day lunch, an attractive good looking 6 foot tall blond lady walked by and said “I love your kilt”.

She was the second one of the day to do so, and all in about a span of 15 minutes.

NOTE* I might add that the day before Thanks Giving, when I’d been out shopping for a new button down pinpoint oxford shirt to wear with my kilt outfit, I’d kind of noticed a similar reaction from the attractive sales gal when she asked me why I was looking for new shirts.

When I told her that it was to wear with my kilt, which I was going to be wearing to Thanks Giving dinner, I noticed a distinct and kind of sly change in her demeanor. It was interesting how by her just knowing that I was a Kilt wearer, seemed to make me a bit more shall we say interesting…..LOL…

What’s fun, and interesting about the whole kilt deal is that as the woman are complementing you for your look, and saying things like “I love your kilt” what I really think that they’re saying, or at least the underlying meaning is that your obviously self assured, and confident and they find THAT, as well as your kilt SEXY..LOL…

I think that in today’s world, or at least here the US, the wearing of a kilt unlike any other garment is a physical and tangible manifestation of your own confidence and self assurance.

I think that the kilt oriented statement it takes a real man to wear a kilt, or the saying a man in a kilt is a man and a half, are kind of true.

As my friends and myself were leaving the country club where we’d just has Thanks Giving lunch, I’d just had my first day out in my kilt.

I’ll have to admit that for a first timer with no back up I was experiencing a bit of relief, and had a better understanding of what kilts are all about.

I’d also passed in my opinion, the first test of am I a man in a kilt.

As I got into the car for the ride back to my friends house I knew that real men DO wear kilts, and that I was confirmed at least a man and a half….LOL….

Just like Sean Connery, and all my other brother kilt wearers. LOL….LOL…

Stan Lackey.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Stan for his valuable contribution to the website, and to say how well he wears his Macgregor kilt.

I would also add that if you have not yet officially joined the Macgregor clan, then perhaps you should.

Clan membership can be very rewarding, and offers a wonderful sense of belonging to an extended family, and of course helps you to celebrate your Scottish heritage.

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